23 January 2012 — Participatory Rotary Club Scavenger Hunt!


Jennifer Usyak found a local group we might be able to work with and help make life better for people right in our own back yards.  Please take a look at their website, and we’ll talk soon.  A Glendale Rotarian is on their advisory board, so we’ll get some information from her.


This week’s program is entirely participatory.  We will all provide the information for each other, as part of “Rotary Awareness Month” (January).  If this takes more than the 30 minutes we are required, by Rotary International rule, to enjoy on the E-Club’s website each week, then you probably have the world’s slowest internet connection.  We apologize for this.

STEP ONE: Take the first letter of your first name, and then choose any country’s national capital city that starts with that letter.  (The CITY starts with that letter, not the country.)  We’re betting you can come up with one on your own, but just in case here’s a link to search on Google.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page and begin your “Comments” by entering the name of the City and Country you selected.  This page will remain open for you when others open, so don’t worry.

[EXAMPLE: If your name is Tom Jones, you would choose Tokyo…not Japan.]

STEP TWO: Using the CLUB LOCATOR on www.rotary.org, find a Rotary Club in that city.  There may be more than one.  When the list comes up, choose one with a website and click on the word “website.”  When that page opens, copy the web address of the Club’s site and then paste it back on this page in your Comments so that we can all go visit them later.  Then please also enter the name of the Rotary Club…as in Rotary Club of [NAME].  (If none of the Clubs has a website listed, we’ll have to live with just the name of the Club.)

STEP THREE: Using this website, find the official language(s) of the Country you’ve found.  Add that information to your Comments.  Mel will check to see if we already have that language for our International Mother Language Day project, and if not, we now have a Rotary Club to ask for the translation.

STEP FOUR: Using this amazing page on the website of the Rotary Global History Fellowship, find the FIRST Rotary Club ever chartered in that Country, and add the name of that Club and the date it was chartered to your Comments.

STEP FIVE: If you have ever been to that City or even to that Country, please tell us a little about your visit.  If not, tell us the name of a food that starts with the same first letter as your first name and the City, because there WILL be a Step Five.

STEP SIX: Tell us one activity you would like our Rotary Club to do very soon.

THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!  And thank you for sharing some fun information about Rotary so we can all learn from each other this week.

(Language of the Week gets this week off…but only this week….)

8 responses to 23 January 2012 — Participatory Rotary Club Scavenger Hunt!

  1. 1. Yaoundé in Cameroon
    2. Rotary Club Yaounde (http://www.rotary.x10.bz/)
    3. French, English, and 24 major African language groups (reallly?!)
    4. Rotary Club of Douala chartered on 17 April 1957 (wow!)
    5. Never been to Cameroon or anywhere near! Yogurtland is my favorite frozen “yogurt.” “Yakisoba” Japanese fried noodles is also “yummy.” :)
    6. I’m excited about working with Habitat for Humanity and at a VA hospital. These small but hands-on projects are great!

    There seem to be a lot of needs at the place Jennifer found. Great job, Jen! Looking forward to moving forward with many projects this year.

  2. Lima, Peru
    Rotary Club Los Alamos de Moterrico: http://rotaryclublosalamos.es.tl/
    Spanish, Quéchua (both official); Aymara; many minor Amazonian languages
    Rotary Club of Lima, 18 July 1920
    I would love to visit Peru, but as I have not been as yet, a healthy food I love that begins with the letter “L” is “lentil”
    When is the next food drive? This is a project that I believe is so essential these days.

    This interactive exercise is a great idea!

  3. 1. Moscow, Russia
    2. Rotary Club of Moscow: http://www.rotarymoscow.ru/en/ (While you’re there, check out the Russian-language version.) (There are 10 Clubs in Moscow, Russia…plus one in Moscow, Pennsylvania and one in Moscow, Idaho.)
    3. Russian.
    4. 5 Jun 1990, when it was still the USSR–which did not allow Non-Governmental organizations to operate, but the times were starting to change; in 1991 the USSR broke up.
    5. I have never been to Russia, although having grown up during much of the Cold War I love that I have Facebook friends there; but rules are rules, so…radish (yuck), rhubarb (yuck), and how about raisins (much better)?
    6. I think we should consider doing a major dance marathon! (And I would like to see us do a public-outreach food drive soon–sorry to copy Linda’s answer, but I would.)

  4. 1. Jakarta, Indonesia
    2. Rotary Club Jakarta Gambir http://rotaryclubjakartagambir.blogspot.com/
    3. Bahasa Indonesia
    4. Rotary Club Yogyakarta – 1930
    5. I have not been to Indonesia nor Jakarta; jam and jelly
    6. Ditto on the supermarket canned goods collection and also the miniature golf fundraiser would be fun
    Thanks for the engaging exercise!

  5. 1. Daliat el Carmel
    2. Rotary Club Merkaz Pais
    3. Hebrew, English, Arabic
    4. Israel – Jerusalem 11 Mar 29 1928
    5. Have not been – Ice Cream, Danish, dates, duck, dumplings
    6. Student Assistance programs partnering with Koreh-LA

  6. Paris, France
    Rotary Paris Champs Elysees http://www.rotary-paris-champs.fr/joomla1.5/
    Allied Rotary Club of France 1918-19
    On my bucket list – petits fours, pate, pickles, pears, plums
    Habitat for Humanity

  7. 1. Rome, Italy
    2. Rotary Club of Roma http://www.rotaryfirst100.org/clubs/clubs-with-conventions/rome/
    3. Italian
    4. I thought you would find this interesting…
    “Rotary Club of Roma (Rome) was chartered 6 December 1924 and formally admitted to Rotary International on January 6th, 1925. It is the third Rotary Club in Italy after Milan and Trieste. In the same day, 6 January 1925, besides Rome, other 2 Clubs received their Official Charter: Turin and Naples.

    The first President of the Club, was Commander Gian Battista Zanardo and the first Secretary was Lawyer Omero Ranelletti. The Founders were 19, major part of them were Italians from Rome and with 4 foreigners, coming from European countries. In the next years, the Rotary Club of Rome included in its honorary members, also H.M. Vittorio Emanuele III, King of Italy.” THAT’S IMPRESSIVE!!!!

    5. Have not been, but dying to go! It’s making my mouth water… rigatoni, ravioli, risotto, Romano cheese and radicchio.
    6. Finding a community project we could partner with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. Hopefully, something long term.

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