23 February 2015 — Karon Wright (live), The Greater Contribution, Microloans


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We open our Fourth Sunday gatherings with the usual trappings of any great Rotary Club meeting in the world, including a Rotary Minute (a little education about something going on elsewhere in the universe of Rotary Clubs, or some history) and an Inspiration.

This month’s inspiration, not just found and read but written by our member Daniele Della Gala, rose to the level of “worth sharing with everyone.”

To be a Rotarian is to show in so many ways what it means to be a volunteer.

V is for the Volunteer spirit—your dedication to people, not just projects, makes a difference both in your own community and in communities around the world.

O is for the Overwhelming support you offer because you truly care about making someone else’s life better.

L is for the Learning…about needs and great causes and being able to turn what you know into a vehicle for positive change.

U is for the Understanding because the lives of the ones you help might be very different from your own…or, in some cases, very much the same.

N is for the Need you fill because you find the time, the means, and the energy to do so.

T is for the Time you give beyond your own busy schedules because you know every little bit counts.

E is for the Empathy—putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and realizing that sometimes the makings for a hot meal, a warm shower, or even a clean drink of water mean more hope for better tomorrows.

E is also for the Endless energy you possess to put “service above self.”

R is for the Responsibility you have taken on with each committee, donated item, or moment spent giving and caring for others.

S is for the Support you continually give that results in smiles on faces you may never see and comforts in homes you may never visit.

May you be inspired, and in turn inspire others to make lives better because you find the time, the means, and the energy to do so.








Karon Wright is the President, co-Founder and Executive Director of The Greater Contribution (TGC), a 501c3 all-volunteer nonprofit based in Thousand Oaks. She is a passionate advocate for the poor and a frequent speaker in the fight against poverty.  (We encourage you to take a look at their website, linked above in this paragraph.)

In 2006, Karon and her co-founders were motivated by recognition of the abundance of their own lives and a desire to make a greater contribution-–to give back and make a difference in the lives of those who are so much less fortunate. They formed The Greater Contribution.

In 2009, Karon was given national recognition with a “Vibrant Giver Award” for her dedication to poverty relief worldwide and for “helping to change the world for the better.” She was nominated the same year by the LA Business Journal for their “Women Making a Difference” award as nonprofit leader of the year. She was also one of the featured speakers at the TED conference in Thousand Oaks in 2010. She travels to Africa every six months to monitor the TGC loan program there.

Since 2008, under Karon’s leadership, The Greater Contribution has provided over 9,000 micro loans to women living in abject poverty, allowing them to start small businesses and begin to work their way out of poverty, benefiting 45,000 people.

At our Fourth Sunday gathering on February 22, 2015, The Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley was privileged to enjoy a visit with Karon as she taught us about microloans and fighting poverty and how dedicated people can make a difference, a few dollars at a time.




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  1. That was a terrific program. It was wonderful to hear how a microloan program started here by a small group of volunteers has had such a positive impact. Congratulations to Karon Wright and her group.

  2. I loved learning about The Great Contribution. What an amazing group of woman to volunteer their time to such a worthwhile cause.

  3. It was great to learn more about how the micro loan process works first hand. Karon is proof that one person can make a difference!!

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