23 December 2013 — You Said There’d Be No Math!








At our Fourth Sunday gathering on 22 December, we enjoyed a spirited round of Rotary Jeopardy, based on the classic TV quiz show. There was lots of learning about Rotary, especially for our newer Rotarians.

This week, you’ll need to work a bit scrolling up and down, so the earlier players will have an easier time! How’s that for incentive, to check out the program early in the week!

You can look up the answers…you can guess…it’s up to you, but use your Comment at the bottom to type the question number and your answer. We’ll provide all ten correct answers with next week’s program. The only prizes are bragging rights, Rotary learning, and fun.

Some questions are based on the questions in our Rotary Jeopardy, many are new.

1) What country hosts the northernmost Rotary Club on Earth? Extra bragging rights if you can name the location.

2) Which city hosted the el primero Club Rotario in a non-English speaking country? (C’mon, you just got a hint, at least.)

3) We’ll throw a multiple-choice question at you. The first Rotary Club service project in the world was about:

a) Hunger
b) Toilets
c) Polio
d) Education

4) In 1968 a Rotarian took a Rotary Club trading banner to the Moon…at least around it, in orbit…what’s his name?

5) Other than being Rotary Clubs just like ours, dedicated to service and fellowship, what interesting aspect do the Rotary Clubs of Quito (Ecuador), Libreville (Gabon), Singapore, and Kapmala (Uganda) have in common?

6) Rotary was created in 1905, held its first Convention in 1910, but did not hold a Convention in the Southern Hemisphere until 1948. What city hosted the 1948 Convention?

7) Simple question: in the Rotary Universe, what does the acronym PHF stand for? Extra bragging rights if you tell us what it means.

8) Without looking this one up…what’s the second element of The Four Way Test?

9) Another acronym: what does NID stand for? Here’s a small hint…you are now “this close” from the end of this quiz.

10) What is the Rotary significance of the date February 23?

Congratulations! This completes the Rotary Quiz. For extra credit, share your enjoyment of Rotary with a friend who would be a great addition to our team!


Check out what arrived: our official name badges!  (At right, badges many of us had in our former Club, now defunct; souvenirs of the fun we had and the service we provided in the past, led by our of the founders of that Club, the late and great Sondra Frohlich.)










4 responses to 23 December 2013 — You Said There’d Be No Math!

  1. 1) Norway and Svalbard.
    2) Cuba in 1916. I was surprised by that one!
    3) B
    4) Colonel Frank Borman
    5) They all meet approximately on the equator.
    6) Rio De Janeiro
    7) Paul Harris Fellow. It is a recognition to anyone who contributes $ 1000 to the Rotary Foundation.
    8) Is it fair to all concerned?
    9) National Immunization Day
    10) Rotary Day. The Rotary Club of Chicago was founded.

    See it pays to have the week off. Lol
    For extra extra credit I finally put a picture in my avatar…YEAH!!

  2. 1. Rotary club of Barrow Nuvuk in Barrow Alaska
    2. Havana
    3. Education
    5. They are all outside of North America
    6. Rio de Janeiro
    7. Paul Harris Fellow
    8. Is it fair to all concerned
    10. Founding date of RI

  3. 1. Sweden
    2. Havana
    3. City comfort stations (toilets)
    4. Frank Borman (Rotary Club of Space Center, Houston)
    5. I have no idea, but after looking up the locations, I agree with Reed – All are near the equator
    6. Rio de Janeiro
    7. Paul Harris Fellow – designates one who has donated $1,000, or more to Rotary International
    8. Is it fair to all concerned?
    9. Polio National Immunization Day
    10. First Rotary meeting in Chicago

  4. Thanks to Past Pres. Mel “Trebeck”, we had lots of fun playing Rotary Jeopardy. We all learned so much in the process and had oodles of laughs! Looking forward to more fellowship with my Rotary family in 2014. Happy holidays to all!

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