22 April 2013 — Celebrating Paul Harris (19 April Birthday)


A fine day for our Club yesterday, once again dispelling the silly myth that E-Clubs don’t do real, hands-on service.  Over a six-hour period at Gelson’s Market in Sherman Oaks, California, generous community members donated more than 1,000 pounds of non-perishables.  Valley Food Bank will now get that much-needed sustenance into the hands of the many families in our backyard who have fallen on hard times.  We’re grateful to Gelson’s for allowing us to set up shop at both entrances to the store, and to the kind members of the public who at our request added just one extra item (sometimes more!) to their carts and dropped it (them) off with us on the way out.







If you have never seen our interview with Valley Food Bank Director Will Hernandez, and the accompanying tour of the warehouse, after you’ve enjoyed this week’s program please go to the main PROGRAMS page, search for Will’s name, and check out that video.

We’re looking forward to our Fourth Sunday meeting this coming weekend, April 28, our Fourth Sunday meeting in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s in Sherman Oaks, where our special guest speaker will be California State Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra, and we will have the great privilege of inducting a new Rotarian into the family, Natalia Yungerlevi.












Paul Harris founded Rotary.  Before that, on 19 April 1868, George and Cornelia Harris founded Paul Harris.  This week we celebrate the founder of the organization, and the movement, that today allows us to be part of helping make the world a better place through the vehicle of Rotary.

Some history of Paul P. Harris from Rotary International’s website.

Paul Harris, in his own words and voice, from 1933.  See link on this page.

The Life and Times of Paul Harris, an online exhibit.

Happy birthday, Paul Harris!


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  1. Always good to know the history of your founders.

  2. Very informative program!

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