21 November 2011 — Local Projects

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We have twelve members of our E-Club so far, and will likely have more great people on the team after our December in-person gathering.  There are five existing Clubs in our general area who have fewer members than we do right now.  Do you agree that we have enough good people right now to start doing great things instead of just talking about doing great things?  Who’s ready?

Between now and our December 4 gathering, let’s get ourselves ready to schedule some projects, spread out so we don’t overwhelm ourselves.  This planning will also impress the prospective Rotarians we all plan to invite, and make our team attractive enough that they will want to join us and be a part of what we can accomplish.


We have seen a lot of examples of Rotary’s worldwide influence and service.  We also want to have a positive impact on our local communities here in the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, and Glendale.  This week’s program includes some examples from around Rotary of local community projects–food for thought as we find needs and fill them right here in town.

A Community Service Day in Ohio

A Local Infant Mortality Project in Michigan (with partnership in England).  This has a video, but it’s just a good fellow talking about the project.  You may get enough information from the prose on the YouTube page just beneath the video.

A Review of Projects From A Rotary Club in Bellevue, Washington.  Another long video but some great ideas and successes.

Rotary Club of Perth, Australia has a summary of their local projects.

Rotary Club of Reynoldsburg-Pickerington, Ohio has a summary of their projects–heavily leaning towards participation in community events that already exist.

Rotary Club of Gold Beach, Oregon has a summary of their local projects.

We come to the table with some local activities already: the Languages Project teaching local children (to be discussed at the December in-person gathering), providing assistance to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission and Valley Food Bank, and Habitat for Humanity once we re-establish that connection.  What else can we do?  Let’s go do it.


Language of the Week: Polish


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