21 May 2012 — Why I Am A Rotarian


The “official” brochure is ready! Download here:  BROCHURE1eclubv2 (or it may open for you, and then you “save” it), print it front and back, fold in thirds, and show your contacts what we can do even better with them on the team.


Why are you a Rotarian? People all over the world find different reasons, different aspects that move them. Why are you a member of this Rotary Club? Or, visitors, why are you a member of your own Rotary Club?

The Rotary Global History Fellowship asks its members that question; browse around here and see some of the answers.  Some of it may grab you.



Here are some brief clips from Rotary International. After that, this week’s program is YOU. Why are you a Rotarian? Please comment below, and learn from what we all have to say.

If the embedded video does not appear, please view it here on YouTube.


If the embedded video does not appear, please view it here on YouTube.



4 responses to 21 May 2012 — Why I Am A Rotarian

  1. Although all the Rotarians shared the idea of service above self in getting involved with Rotary, most felt they gained personally as human beings as a result of their Rotary connections and work. Very inspiring!

    • Yep–and now–what drew YOU to Rotary once Nancy invited…understanding that your opinion may change over time…why are you “in?” (Hopefully ALL of us will answer.)

  2. Yoko said on May 26, 2012

    I’m a Rotarian because I’m selfish. I want to feel good by helping other people.

    I found a nice article on the San Pedro Rotary Club website:

    A ROTARIAN is a person who:
    Digs wells from which they will never drink
    Vaccinates children they will never meet
    Restores sight for those they will never see
    Builds houses they will never live in
    Knows real happiness, which can only be found by serving others
    Educates children they will never know
    Plants Trees they will never sit under
    Feeds hungry people, regardless of color, race or politics
    Makes crawlers walk half a world away


    Pretty accurate, don’t you think?

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