20 May 2013 — Paola Ruiz, Impact of Rotary Youth Programs


The President doesn’t have a lot to say this week.

(Oh, stop applauding!)

I will report that President-Elect Sara Vasquez is hard at work preparing for 1 July and beyond, when she captains this mighty Rotary ship to continuing excellence. Many ideas to build with, so we can better serve even more of our community and our world.












Paola Ruiz was not your ordinary high school student, and she isn’t your ordinary first year student at M.I.T., either.

She is a graduate of RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly (or Awards or Academy, the A seems to change all the time!), a worldwide leadership training experience for high school students.  Paola is a shining example of a person who comes to the table without some of the advantages that you find on an even playing field, but, through her own character and just the small boost that a Rotary Youth program can provide, is now in a position to make the world a better place for all of us.

PRODUCTION NOTE: The Programs Chair got tricked by a software update, resulting in the change in one setting.  The interviewer should be in a tiny little “picture-in-picture” box in the bottom corner of the screen, so our fantastic guest is the one featured.  He won’t get tricked again, but cannot adjust the recorded video after the fact.  The interviewer is not that tall, Paola is not that short, and we apologize for the inadvertent split-screen format.

And now, please enjoy Paola’s powerful story in her own words, and learn how we Rotarians can make a positive difference today, so great people like Paola Ruiz can make a positive difference tomorrow.


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  1. Wow…what an inspirartional young woman. It is so brave of her to share with us.

  2. It’s nice to see the positive impact that Rotary can have on a young person’s life.

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