20 July 2015 — History of Our World in Eighteen Minutes (TED Talk)


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A personal message from the Programs Chair:

I include this message this week with the hope of being helpful to our Members as we embark on our new system of having one of the Club Members create the program for the first Monday of each month, beginning in August.  Here is how this week’s program came about.

1) The Programs Chair was pretty busy, with many distractions, and did not consider a topic until the weekend.  (Plan earlier!)

2) What’s going on in the world, outside of the stuff Rotarians do not talk about, like miserable politics?  Pluto!  Humans successfully sent a complicated machine to a rock billions of miles away and it sent back amazing vacation slides.  OK, but how can we make that a Program, especially because it’s a general topic the Programs Chair finds fascinating (exploration of space, and the applications and benefits to us on Earth) but others might not?

3) An internet search ensued.  TED Talks are a great resource of interest and education for us, and there are several about space exploration and other planets…but nothing of wider interest to justify becoming the Program.  (Now, a personal interview with a scientist actually participating in these voyages, that would be a Program!  Working on it…)  But similar topics appear on the TED Talk website, and one caught the Program’s Chair’s eye.

And it turned out to be more interesting, and quite possibly more applicable to us as a Rotary Club–as an active Rotary Club who can perhaps use this talk to create a project benefitting youth, and through those youth the world of the future–than it might have appeared at first.

We present the Big History project (the link to its website follows the video), is a 2011 TED Talk explaining the entire history of our world in just eighteen minutes.  Why does this “big history” matter?  How did we get here, to the week of July 20, 2015?  Why is it special that each of us is made of the stuff of stars?  Why should we teach the youth that they are made of stars, too? Find out…here:


If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on the TED Talk website.


Here is the BIG HISTORY PROJECT website.


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  1. The “Big History Project” was very educational. Our universe is so incredible strong yet equally so fragile at the same time. It’s mind numbing to think about how it all began.

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