Language of the Week for 20 February 2012

Communication is a key to world peace and understanding, so every year we celebrate International Mother Language Day as a Club Project, teaching children ages 10 to 13 how to say five words and phrases in many different languages. Here is this week’s language!

This week’s guest speaker is of Hungarian descent, and we hope you’ve heard the family story in our program.


Hello: Szia

Please: Kay-ram

Thank You: Ker-ser-nerm

Peace: Bay-keh

Love: Se-re-lem

(Courtesy of Mr. Peter Lada; above is phonetic, not necessarily spelled correctly)


Why International Mother Language Day?

Linguistic and cultural diversity represent universal values that strengthen the unity and cohesion of societies. The recognition of the importance of linguistic diversity led to UNESCO’s decision to celebrate International Mother Language Day.

When was it launched?

The 30th session of the General Conference of UNESCO in 1999 decided that the Organization would launch and observe an International Mother Language Day on 21 February every year throughout the world.

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

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