2 September 2013 — Sandra/Arturo Velasquez, District 5280 Humanitarian Trip to Colombia










Visit Columbia!

OK, OK, that’s not the right one.  Visit Columbia!

OK, wait, that’s not it, either.  Maybe it’s that U in the middle, let’s replace that with an O and …. visit Colombia!

For several years, District 5280 has facilitated a visit of approximately 100 local Rotarians to a foreign nation (or once to Puerto Rico), to participate hands-on in several international projects in a weekend or so.  This year the “District 5280 Humanitarian Trip” will visit Colombia, and this week we learn all about the opportunity from Trip Co-Chairs Sandra and Arturo Velasquez.


If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.

Their PowerPoint presentation, which includes descriptions of the service projects, can be viewed as a document if you CLICK HERE.

To sign up for the trip, please visit the District 5280 Website.

The opinions expressed by guest speakers are those of the speaker(s) and not necessarily of the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley or its members. No endorsement is implied. Programs are presented for informational purposes only.



7 responses to 2 September 2013 — Sandra/Arturo Velasquez, District 5280 Humanitarian Trip to Colombia

  1. What a worthwhile project! I would love to go with the group to Colombia! We’ll see…

  2. Sounds like it will be an amazing experience.

  3. Nice presentation. A lot happening in a very short time making great things happening.

  4. ps the other columbia link was very informative as well

  5. Wonderful project! Looking forward to the follow up program as well.

  6. How wonderful! To participate in meaningful hands-on projects in Colombia is quite an opportunity. I hope to be able to go.

  7. It’s going to be a wonderful trip. We are very lucky to have Sandra and Arturo in our district and working working hard on this trip. I also love the fact that we are carrying on the legacy of Jim Dyer with this trip as it was his idea to bring the trip to Colombia. Great presentation.

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