19 November 2012 — The Wonderful Linguistic Diversity of Rotary


A quick program this week, as your loyal Programs Chair asked for an easy one, and your loyal President granted the request. But this is fun, and will take you less than ten minutes (plus the time spent for the US Thanksgiving segment at the bottom of this page)…and we encourage you to take in the feel of worldwide Rotary, and why we are all in this together, by watching and listening to all of these quick videos.

The Drive for Twenty-Five, when we Barter for a Charter…is in progress!







Rotary International is working on the “World’s Biggest Commercial,” and it’s going all over the world–based on our “This Close” campaign.  Enjoy.  Then check out the shorter videos that share the same m in each language.  Remember that as a Rotarian you will be welcomed in any Rotary Club anywhere in the world…even if you don’t speak the same language.












Unrelated to Rotary, except for the pure joy…Matt is back…wherever he is:


To view this one on YouTube, please click here.

For US Thanksgiving this week, from our Rotary E-Club to you, based on our International Mother Language Day project, sometimes with phonetic spelling, we say

THANK YOU * Donkie Afrikaans) * Shukrun (Arabic) * Shnoorhakalootyoon (Armenian) * Tehsekkur (Azeri/Azerbaijani) * Terimah Kasih (Bahasa Indonesian) * Dahnnobad (Bangla) * Blagodaria (Bulgarian) * Dorjeh (Cantonese) * Sheh-sheh (Mandarin) * Tak (Danish) * Merci (Farsi) * Kiitos (Finnish) * Merci (French) * Danke (German) * Oyi Wala Dor (Ghana, Ga dialect) * Mi Daase (Ghama, Twi dialect) * Todah (Hebrew) * Shukriya (Hindi) * Kosonom (Hungarian) * Imela (Nigeria: Igbo) * Grazie (Italian) * Arigato (Japanese) * Gam-sa-ham-ni-da (Korean) * Pahl-dee-us (Latvian) * Tena Ko-e (Maori) * Takk (Norwegian) * Dzienkouye (Polish) * Obrigado (Portuguese) * Multumesc (Romanian) * Spasibo (Russian) * Hvala (Serbian) * Dakweyahm (Slovak) * Hvala (Slovene) * Gracias (Spanish) * Asante (Swahili) * Tack (Swedish) * Salamat (Tagalog) * Nanri (Tamil) * Kob khun (Thai) * Theshekhur (Turkish) * Aman (Urdu) * Daunkshee (Austria: Viennese dialect) * Xin vui long (Vietnamese) * A-dank (Yiddish)


5 responses to 19 November 2012 — The Wonderful Linguistic Diversity of Rotary

  1. It’s great to see, despite worldwide conflicts, that people’s of all (I hope) cultures have a word for “thank you.”

  2. That’s a lot of Thanks. I’m lucky I even can identify with about 10 of the languages listed. I had a friend who spoke 82 languages but only cuss words. I like my friends here better. Using language is a gift and anything less then using it to build better friendships is a betrayal of what language was created for in the beginning. Rotarians, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Optimists, Soroptimists, Lions, Elks, Masons, etc. We all speak the same language. We really do need to get this puppy chartered so we can take it to the next level. Have a great Thanksgiving to everyone and a happy birthday to Sara.

  3. Great videos! I’m thankful to live in a country where I can be friends with people of so many different cultures and be surrounded by such beautiful languages.

  4. Truly amazing videos. How did you find the dance video?

    • A couple of years ago, our DG (maybe while he was DGE?), Tom Hardy, saw the 2008 version, maybe having been shared on Facebook. He loved it…shared it around…and thought it might be a fun way to kick off one of the two plenary sessions for the District Conference at the end of his year. And we did…and everyone enjoyed it. We even asked Matt permission to use it, and he responded…expressing surprise, lots of people had surely used it, but we were the first to have asked permission. :-) Rotary in action.

      http://www.wherethehellismatt.com … is his website.

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