19 August 2013 — A Tour Of Our E-Club’s Home


This coming Sunday, 25 August, is our monthly FOURTH SUNDAY gathering in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s in Sherman Oaks. We will enjoy a very special event, the annual OFFICIAL VISIT OF THE DISTRICT GOVERNOR. Governor Doug Baker will be our featured guest speaker, and President Sara has lots of other special moments planned.

Please be sure to attend, and with an action-packed meeting in tap please be sure to arrive by 12:30 p.m. sharp.

BOARD MEMBERS: reminder, the annual “Business Meeting” that accompanies the “official DG visit” is set for 11:00 a.m. this Sunday with our Assistant Governor, Matt Schaaf, in The Fireplace Room.




If you are reading this, you have found our website…not to mention our 19 August 2013 program. This week, we’ll take you on a tour of our home, digging deeper into the E-Club’s website and showing Club members and visitors how to make the most of it.

During this tour, links (clickable items that open a different web page somewhere) will automatically open a new window in your computer’s web-browsing program, so that you can keep this page active throughout the tour, look at what we are showing you, and then CLOSE the “new” page we just showed you. Don’t “quit” by accident; “close” the new demonstration page. Want to test it? Click HERE (not yet!)…see what happens…close THAT window…you’ll be right back looking at this page. OK, click there where it says “HERE” in blue, right now.

Welcome back. The handful of images you see on this page are what a logged-in Club member or registered visitor will see.  Anyone, even if not logged in, can access some portions of our site and enjoy our programs.

Also, the images you see her are, of course, partial…the idea is for us to go to each page during this tour, to scroll down and see what’s there.










The tour begins logically at our front door.  Anyone finding us online in a Google or other search, or clicking on the link to our Club on the Rotary International, District 5280, or other website, will go here first.  Our most recently colorful newsletter is first, followed by sections created to guide our Club Members to the weekly program, visiting Rotarians to the information they need to make up a meeting officially with our Club (remember, worldwide, Rotarians attend a meeting every week, just as we do; if someone has to miss their local meeting, they can visit a Rotary Club anywhere during that week…including with us), and non-Rotarians to information about Rotary and our Club.  See what else is there.  Click HERE now, to visit www.rotaryeclubgreatersfv.org … the web address you should give to all of your great friends and colleagues.  (Then remember to close that window and you’ll be back here to continue our tour.)


You may have noticed, off to the right of hte home page…and this page…and every page…there’s a menu of handy links.  Not sausage, and not about golf.   Feel free to play with those, although the ‘internal” links (to pages within our E-Club’s website) won’t open a new window, so you’ll need to remember to click on THIS WEEK’S PROGRAM last to come back here.

Instead of posting a new image, just glance up there to the right and we’ll walk through each:

BROCHURE opens a new window with a PDF version of our tri-fold brochure.  You can send a prospect there any time; what’s an E-Club without a cool E-brochure?  Of course you can also save/download that brochure to your computer, print, copy, and hand out.

CONTACT US switches to an internal page that allows a visitor to, well, contact us.  If you happen to look at that, you’ll notice near the bottom what’s called a “CAPTCHA” code.  Those are designed to ensure that a Human (or visiting Rotarian from Vulcan) is trying to contact us, and keeps us from getting spam.  This is the form that visiting Rotarians use to ask us for “make-up credit” by confirming their visit to our Club with their home Club.

DISTRICT 5280 opens a new window, the home page of our District’s website.

JOINING OUR CLUB switches to an internal page with details about the qualifications and responsibilities of a member of our Rotary Club.  We’ll visit that later.  It can also be reached through the “Want More Info” tab you see near the top of this screen.

LOCAL CLUB MEETINGS opens a new window, the page within the District 5280 website showing when and where the Clubs around town meet.  E-Club Members, we highly recommend that you visit a nearby Club once in a while.  It’s fun…we learn stuff about what they do that we might be able to do…we build relationships that lead to great outcomes like more Clubs doing One More Item Food Drives.

MAKEUP MEETINGS switches to an internal page with information for visiting Rotarians about what they need to do (there are Rotary International rules about E-Clubs) to qualify for attendance as a make-up meeting.

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES switches to an internal page with a chronological list of our awesome monthly newsletters (Go Club PR Chair Patty Go!), from newest to oldest.  Soon that list will also show the highlights within each issue.

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL opens a new window, the main website of Rotary International.  They are about to relaunch in within the next couple of weeks, should be interesting to see it.

THIS WEEK’S PROGRAM switches to an internal page within our website…the current week’s program.  If you wander off during this tour and get lost, you can just click there to come back here.

Now that you’ve learned what each link gets you, please let’s visit two of them briefly.

See what’s at “Joining Our Club” so you know what your prospects will see.  Click HERE.

Also, take a look at the other Clubs in our District, and when and where they meet.  Click HERE.

Moving onward in our tour…






You can see these tabs full-size at the top of this screen, but we’ve put this image here so you don’t have to scroll up.

HOME is the front door, but you know that.

ACTIVITY is a tab created by a website function that we do not use, and may never use, so our recommendation is that you ignore it! Unfortunately it cannot be hidden.

CONTACT opens the same internal page as the “Contact Us” link.

FORUMS is, for our purposes, a bit of an extraneous tab that doesn’t need to be separate for our purposes, so we recommend ignoring it.

GROUPS, on the other hand, will be very useful to us once we learn, internally, to use our website as a venue for our Standing Committees and our Project Committees.  As our Club grows, this will be an important part of running our Club smoothly.

MEMBERS is a tab, for our purposes, much like “Activity.”  It is a function of the template, and for now we may as well ignore it.

PROGRAMS is one of the two most important tabs on our site.  This is where, from newest to oldest, we can find every one of our weekly programs.  It is mostly an archive of our meeting history.

WANT MORE INFO? is where to send prospective members, after you have shown them our projects (what we do is the most important aspect of a service club and the reason to want to join us) and our programs (your time is valuable, you are committing to a minimum of 30 minutes a week plus our projects, so you need to see that we will treat your time as valuable).

CLUB COMMITTEES is a page of descriptions of our Standing Committees (and project committees as needed), and we are still working on revamping that page (to link to each Committee’s online “Forum”).

PROJECTS has been completely revamped, with subpages for each of our continuing projects.  We’ll have new information as each exciting new project comes together.

Now that you’ve seen the overview of these tabs, let’s take a look at three of them.

First, quickly, the Want More Info? tab, so you can see the general info your invited prospect will see.  Click HERE.

Second, also quickly, the Club Committees tab, so you can see what makes a Rotary Club run.  While you’re there, take a look at each committee’s full description.  Click HERE.

Third, let’s move along in the tour for an in-depth look at the really, really important tab…










Normally you would click on the “Projects” tab to go there, but in a moment we’ll give you a separate place to click so that a new window opens, and you can play around in that section, check out what we have to say about each project, and then come back here.  (This photo is crunched…you’ll enjoy the real page far more.)

Eventually we’ll add more photo galleries as subpages.  We need to make the page very easy and clean, to interest our visitors; only if they want to dig deeper or we want to enjoy our fun photos should they (and we) dig deeper.

Please take a look at our main Projects page, and then close that window to come on back here for the final step in our tour.



Here’s the scoop. Every week, our E-Club provides its members and visiting Rotarians with a top-notch program. The best way to increase the energy and participation will be…to increase the energy and participation.

All Rotary Clubs in the world “meet” weekly. That’s a hard and fast rule of Rotary International; there are even rules about how many weeks during the course of a year a Club can be “dark” (have no meeting). To some, this seems onerous; yet many of those same people can find a way to set aside an hour every week to watch their favorite TV show. Compared to those, Rotary seems like at least as valuable a “reality show.”

The meeting attendance rules for an E-Club are simple: 30 minutes online each week. Our E-Club makes life even easier by posting information for you to visit whenever is best for you. (Many E-Clubs meet online in real time, in a private chat room or similar venue.)

Not everyone has a specific comment to make every week, and that’s why we’ve added the best method available (so far) for our type of website (WordPress/BuddyPress; just go with it, please)…the “poll” at the bottom of the page, where the answers are Yes or Yes. This is just a way of your checking in that you’ve been here. The best thing going will be when we can show that every member of our E-Club kept that easy commitment and visited our website every week, either with a comment or at least with an “I was here” click.  And ultimately it will be even better when we are willing to adjust our personal settings to “notify by e-mail” for follow-up posts after we’ve commented, and get some discussion and posted conversation going. That will come…in time.

For now…thank you for enjoying our tour! Please now leave a comment…or scroll all the way to the bottom and “vote” in the poll to tell us someone cool was here…and be sure to keep that commitment to weekly connection, our awesome projects, growing our all-star team, and being the best Rotary Club we can be.


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  1. Nice friendly tour of what is what on our website.


    Like the Poll idea.

  2. Great information, makes it much easier to navigate the site. The site is mobile/tablet friendly too.

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