18 March 2013 — Literacy


On Wednesday, 13 March, David Arnold, Yoko Matsui, Sara Vasquez and I had the pleasure of visiting three fifth-grade classes at Tarzana Elementary School to present our International Mother Language Day project. We had a blast, and the kids sure seemed to have a blast, too. We taught them how to say Hello, Please, Peace, Thank You, and Love in Italian, Japanese, and Hebrew. We’re about a week away from giving this presentation to the fifth- and sixth-grade classes at Valley Presbyterian School, and we’re always happy to visit more schools! While we can’t pack the classroom, if anyone is available to meet me and Yoko at Valley Presbyterian and experience the presentation, please let us know and we’ll provide details.







Youth was also served on Saturday, 16 March, at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where our good friend Jorge Vazquez of RC Glendale Sunrise produced a phenomenal one-day leadership event, with ethics workshops, at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Among the lessons learned by the twenty-six high school students, most of them seniors, was how hundreds and hundreds of people with different fields (geology, chemistry, engineering, navigation, math, administration, and so many more) could come together as a team and land a science laboratory on another planet.  While this was a District event, there is a chance that next year a similar event at JPL could be coordinated by a couple of Clubs and I hope we will be a part of it.







And youth will be served at our Fireplace Room meeting this coming Sunday, 24 March, 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm, when our special guest speaker will be Nallely Castro-Bello, President-Elect of the Rotary Club of West San Fernando Valley, and a former President of her Rotaract Club before she graduated to Rotary.  Nallely will teach us about Rotaract, which worldwide is Rotary for leaders aged 18-30, but far more commonly in this part of the world is based in college.

All this to set up this week’s program, which is about literacy, as March is Literacy Month in Rotary.  While teaching children to read…and reading with them, as our David Arnold does every week for an organization called KOREH-LA…is vital, we must also be mindful of adults in need of literacy assistance.  Can we find ways to help right her in our own community?


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For this week, here is Rotary International’s “official” guide to literacy projets, based on best practices and on a worldwide partnership with International Reading Association.  The goal for this week is to lead us to ideas and future brainstorming–future meaning soon!–as to how we can help with basic education and literacy here and around the world.  This is one of Rotary’s six main Areas of Focus.  Also, this is a good time to revisit our interview with Debbie Navarro of Reach Out And Read – Los Angeles, a partnership our Club has already established but one we could certainly strengthen and enhance.



Post ideas below–let’s start the conversation and lead to great projects.


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  1. It was fun. Mel loves to talk with his hands. Yoko talked with her eyes. Sara talked with her smile. This is a project worth doing and seeing.

  2. Kudos to our E-Club teams who are visiting elementary schools to share goodwill, peace and languages in support of International Mother Language Day.

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