18 June 2012 — Rotary Fellowships (with an S) Month


The “official” brochure is still ready! Download here:  BROCHURE1eclubv2 (or it may open for you, and then you “save” it), print it front and back, fold in thirds, and show your contacts what we can do even better with them on the team.

Who do you know around town who would be a great Rotarian and fantastic addition to our team?

And are you ready to take it up a notch and help our E-Club launch?

As our E-Club Members know from the e-ail discussions, we are exploding into the new Rotary Year on 1 July, the first day, with our OMI (“Oh, My!”) Food Drive. In partnership with the Rotary Club of North Hollywood and with the kind permission of Gelson’s Markets and the assistance of Will Hernandez and Valley Food Bank, we’ll be setting up in front of the Sherman Oaks and Valley Village Gelson’s Markets from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, with signs (and friendly Rotarians) asking shoppers on the way in to purchase just One More Item of non-perishable food, and then drop it off with us on their way out for Valley Food Bank.

Much more to come from our Club, looking forward to a very active, service-oriented, fun year (and forever).







June is ROTARY FELLOWSHIPS MONTH.  That’s Fellowships with an S at the end.  Fellowship (without the S at the end) is an important element of Rotary, enjoying being with and working with and playing with our fellow Rotarians.  It is an important element of team building, because a stronger, happier team can accomplish more.

But this isn’t about fellowship (without the S at the end).  This week is about this month’s Rotary International theme, Fellowships (with an S at the end)!  A Rotary International Fellowship is a separate entity, apart from Rotary International but approved by the Board of Directors of RI, of Rotarians in at least three different countries united by a common hobby or passion or profession.  Doctors, for example.  Bird Watchers.  Social Network users, seeking to maximize media like Facebook for Rotary and service.

Some Fellowships ask their members to pay dues; some do not.  Some have been around or many years; some are new.  Some have huge memberships; some only a few committed people.

Every member of our E-Club is strongly encouraged to become a member of at least one Rotary International Fellowship.  It’s good for you: you’ll make friends around the world and enjoy two activities you already enjoy, your hobby or profession and your desire to make the world a better place.  It’s good for our E-Club: your Rotary International Fellowship may come up with an idea which our Club can use or adapt or just participate to help people in our own local community.

If you have a hobby that is represented by a Fellowship that does not charge dues, why not make new friends?  If dues are involved, check it out and see if it might be worthwhile; it will surely be a lot of fun.

Play around here, see what other Rotarians are up to!  Lots of fun.

Based on the most recent information we could find, the following Fellowships in this first list do not charge dues.  The second category either does have dues or we’re not sure…so ask them!



Cricket (and yes, there is a California chapter!)


Doll Lovers/Collectors (no dues, but must donate toys)

Editors and Publishers (Webpage not working as we post the program, but looks temporary…try…)



Fine Art and Antiques


Ice Hockey (proposed) (yes, YOU can create a new Rotary Fellowship group; Mel is part of starting this one)

 Latin Culture

Lawyers (no dues, but voluntary contribution requested)

Old and Rare Books

Police and Law Enforcement


Social Networks (Mel is a founding member of this one)


DUES (or unsure)

Amateur Radio

Antique Automobiles (There is a US chapter.)

Authors and Writers (Website down but we can contact their officers.)

Bird Watching


Carneval, Parades, and Festivals


Convention Goers





Gourmets (Local chapters; could sure start one around here)

Home Exchange

Italian Culture

Literacy Providers


Magna Graecia




Quilters and Fiber Artists

Recreational Vehicles

Rotary Global History

Rotary on Stamps


Scuba Divers (Their motto is SURFACE Above Self–love it.)



Total Quality Management

Travel Agents

Travel and Hosting

Wine Appreciation


Photography (brand new, featured on rotary.org recently)


4 responses to 18 June 2012 — Rotary Fellowships (with an S) Month

  1. Two more that do not charge dues and are fun are Computer Users ICUFR and Internet ROTI. The full current list is at http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/fellowships_flier_en.pdf

  2. I belong to the Convention Goers Fellowship. They have an event at each RI Convention and a booth. Great way to meet folks at an RI convention. Run by Past RI President Frank Devlyn.

  3. If I joined the Magician’s group, will they make me disappear?? Kidding aside, it is an impressive list. Some of them sound a bit old school-ish. Nevertheless I’d be interested in joining one.

  4. Lots of branches within the Rotary tree – clubs within clubs within clubs. What other secrets will reveal themselves?

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