18 January 2016 — Effective Leadership, Like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s


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SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 — 12:30pm to 2:00pmOur FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for January! Speaker: Representative of the Los Angeles Police Department on issues facing the San Fernando Valley and environs.  We gather in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s, 5525 Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.  (Meeting reminders: Inspiration, Richard; Pledge, Linda C; Four-Way Test, Reed; Rotary Minute, Todd; Mini Craft Talk: Daniele.)  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING in The Fireplace Room at 11:00 a.m.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21 — 10:00pm to 4:00pm  — The next ONE MORE ITEM FOOD DRIVE, in support of Valley Food Bank, at Gelson’s in Sherman Oaks.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28 — 12:30pm to 2:00pmOur FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for February! Speaker: Representative of Mayor Garcetti’s office.  We gather in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s, 5525 Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.  (Meeting reminders: Inspiration, Mel; Pledge, TBA; Four-Way Test, TBA; Rotary Minute, TBA; Mini Craft Talk: Linda C.)  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING in The Fireplace Room at 11:00 a.m.


We have launched our Clunkers4Charity fundraiser! If you know of anyone (yourself included) who wants or needs to donate a car for tax purposes, send them to our website…and to the Clunkers4Charity “Link” you see at the right side of this page. Funds we raise will go right into the community for our projects.



The Wright brothers.

The Wright brothers.







When the Monday holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US arrives, our Club has presented the words of Dr. King in one form or another. If you are new to our Club or to visiting our website and you’ve never heard or read the “I Have a Dream” speech, go to our main “Program” tab and search for his name.

Today, instead, we found a very interesting talk that applies to leadership, participation, and growth. Why do outsiders want to become a part of what you do? Why do they want to follow your vision and make it their own? This applies very much to a Rotary Club, and how to bring more great people into what we do.

This speaker uses the examples of Apple, the Wright brothers, and Martin Luther King, Jr., to express what works in effective leadership–and in this context it means us, as a team, in leading the movement of service, peace, and ethics.

Simon Sinek is a leadership expert who has discovered some remarkable patterns in how people think, act and communicate. He explores his idea of the Golden Circle, what he calls “a naturally occurring pattern, grounded in the biology of human decision making, that explains why we are inspired by some people, leaders, messages and organizations over others.”

If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on the TED Talk website.


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16 responses to 18 January 2016 — Effective Leadership, Like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s

  1. I remember this TED talk.
    Why – How – What
    Love that Simon Sinek.

  2. I enjoyed Mr. Sinek’s presentation very much. He’s a wonderful speaker and the subject was inspirational.

  3. Appreciated Mr. Sinek’s presentation.

  4. Perfect timing for this meeting and, especially, this video.

  5. When we share what our team does with folks who aren’t on our team (yet), I hope we feel–and bring across that feeling–the reasons for what we do. It’s not just that we have a food drive. It’s that no one in our back yard should have to wonder where the next meal may come from, so we host a quarterly food drive…

  6. Yes perfect timing as I recently got back from a trip to Estado 29. The concept that as leader you also have to be servant is often lost in our culture.

  7. Love this TED talk! As a Rotary Club, we know the power of sharing what we believe. We owe our success with various projects to the efforts of like-minded people who share the belief that together we can make a difference.

  8. Very good talk. The ideals of Rotary are a perfect way to explain the “why” of what we do.

  9. Great video! Needed this to get motivated today. :)

  10. Why? Definitely at the core of everything we say and do! Very inspirational!

  11. Great leaders don’t think about leading or being great leaders. They have a GREAT vision about something.
    In the case of Apple, Steve Jobs vision was a product that would change the way we communicate with each other and how we receive information.
    Dr King had a “dream” about how in the perfect world, we would all treat each other equally, with kindness, respect and love. He believed together as a whole we could achieve this, and excited us all for that day.
    In the end, if someone has to think about being a leader, they most likely never were one…

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