18 February 2013 — A Youth Project Idea in Thailand


Great project ideas come from random bursts of inspiration, or perhaps reading a news article about a problem we can help solve here or around the world, or maybe just meeting someone with an interesting and compelling story.

What’s your idea?












Our President-Elect, Sara Vasquez, has learned of an opportunity to help with a youth project, significantly the education of girls in Thailand. This week’s program provides an opportunity to learn about a school in a foreign land, to consider the possibility of a project that could lead to partnerships with Rotary Clubs in Thailand and elsewhere. We’ll look forward to a discussion about this idea in the near future, but please be sure to post your initial thoughts below after you’ve had a chance to review the video and website.

If the video does not load here, it can be viewed on the school’s website.


Click here for the school’s website.


5 responses to 18 February 2013 — A Youth Project Idea in Thailand

  1. Thank you, Mel for posting the Thai school video. I am eager to get our club members’ input on the possibility of taking on an international youth project.

  2. The school is quite an ambitious undertaking and seems like a route to a better life for these young girls. I would be interested in learning more details about the school itself and also discussing the possibilities of a project with a local club that could fulfill a specific need. Do we have any contacts with a Thai Rotary club?

    • Great point about connecting wtih the Thai Town Rotary Club, Roy! At PETS, I met the President-elect of their club, and he seemed quite interested in this project. I also networked with Calabasas and San Clemente clubs, who expressed an interest. We also have a club in Bangkok who is on board for being the lead in Thailand. More to come…

  3. Roy: we can make them, but I believe my high school classmate is still a member of the Rotary Club of Bangkok South and as we move forward I will check in with him.

  4. This seems like a worthwhile project. I like the emphasis on building character and protecting girls from societal ills. We might shoot for sponsoring meals as a realistic donation for the club.

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