17 June 2013 — New Rotary Countries


Our Charter Party comes up this Sunday, 23 June: an open house for our friends in Rotary around the region to stop by, say hello, get to know us, and learn about our projects from displays around the room. We hope to learn a lot about our sibling Rotary Clubs, too, and what they’re up to.









There is a Rotary Club in almost every nation on the planet, but not all. When a “new” country is opened to Rotary, it merits mention.

That has happened eight times since the turn of the century…the real turn of the century, 1 January 2001…and most recently just four months ago. Here’s a quick tour of the “newest” countries in the world of Rotary.  Check out their info; they are completely different from our Club, yet very much the same.








UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Rotary Club of Dubai

3 March 2002 (Rotary had been in UAE many years earlier, but this ended a 25-year absence)












TIMOR-LESTE, Rotary Club of Dili

2 September 2002












AFGHANISTAN, Rotary Club of Kabul

23 March 2003 (after a 30-year absence)

No website, but CLUB FACEBOOK PAGE











TAJIKISTAN, Rotary Club of Dushanbe

5 April 2005

No website, but CLUB FACEBOOK PAGE (and, to be honest, no activity for a while on Facebook)











EQUATORIAL GUINEA, Rotary Club of Malabo

16 May 2005

No website, but here’s what the US Department of State has to say if you want to learn about the nation.











KOSOVA, Rotary Club of Peja

(we call it Kosovo, but RI and the Club itself recognize it as Kosova)

30 June 2006












KIRIBATI, Rotary Club of Kiritimati

(Thirteen hundred miles south of Hawaii)

11 August 2008

CLUB WEBSITE (not updated in a while; via the District site)












MALDIVES, Rotary Club of Malé — the moest recent

(It’s a string of islands to the left, with the capital, Malé, to the north)

11 February 2013



We hope you enjoyed this tour of our new family members .  Where will Rotary go next?


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  1. A bit of a shock about Dubai. Worked with a number of reps from that area and they were totally in sync with the rest of the world. Very cosmopolitan in mind set and communication. Should be a good addition to Rotary in that part of the world.

  2. I had the opportunity to attend the Rotary Convention when it was in Los Angeles a few years ago. I remember being moved to tears as they presented the flags from every Rotary country during the opening sequence. As a relatively new Rotarian, It was quite overwhelming to realize I was a part of something that touched the four corners of the globe.

  3. Wow Afghanistan and I heard we were trying to get into Burma. Does anyone know how the Russian clubs are doing?

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