17 December 2012 — What’s On Your Mind?


This week’s program is up to you…what would you like to see in the space below as we move forward?

The Drive for Twenty-Five, when we Barter for a Charter…turns out it’s plenty with twenty (but don’t stop there…more on this soon)…is in progress!



Post below, where it says “Leave a Reply,” and tell us what’s on your mind this week in the world of our Rotary Club.

3 responses to 17 December 2012 — What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Hi everyone- What’s on my mind (besides family, Christmas planning, my new puppy, etc.) is that it is hard to connect during the holidays, I.e. December, in terms of our club. We really need an annual project for this time so we can continue to focus on the needs of others. I’d like to see a discussion of this when appropriate. I’ve noticed from the district newsletter that other clubs have something in place so this might be another partnership activity. Let’s see what we can come up with!

  2. Patty–I agree 100%. I have had some ideas for a long time, but we always need a committed team within the team to make it happen. Let’s bat this around as a Club in the next couple of months so we can begin to craft something great.

  3. I also agree with Patty. I know MEND (Meet Each Need With Dignity) always has families to adopt. Many times over the years I’ve been involved with shopping for a family, both in Rotary and with other organizations. If we choose to do this next year, I would certainly chair the activity. Usually in late October, early November you are given a family’s name. It’s up to you/your organization to meet with the families and find out their wants/needs. Then the fun of shopping and wrapping gets underway in early December and the gifts and food items are delivered closer to Christmas.

    I’m sure there are other adopt-a-family programs other than MEND. If we are not financially able to adopt a family, we can always do something on a smaller scale with Hope of the Valley. There are many worthwhile organizations that need help during the holiday season. If you’d like, I can put together ideas in the summer that the club can vote on in the fall.

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