16 July 2012 — Music Around The World

Due to a flood over the weekend and a catastrophic computer malfunction, this week’s program is late and, to be terribly honest, thrown together. But fun! Here are some videos of music from around the world.

SLOVENIA (Classic Slovenian folk music, the Avsenik Medley)


JAPAN (Taiko Drums)


ARGENTINA (not great quality video but good music)


DENMARK (eight minutes, but how do you pass up a Victor Borge video)


NEW ZEALAND (Maori…again not a great video, but interesting)




CANADA (President’s Privilege! Really, listen to the words…fun!)





2 responses to 16 July 2012 — Music Around The World

  1. I love it! They’re all wonderful. Of course, Victor Borge has always been a favorite. He’s one of a kind.
    (I do suddenly feel like driving a Zamboni, for some reason.)

  2. Wow, so much fun!!! I also love Victor Borge, but I have to give my vote to my Japanese Amazonian drummers! (Signing in from very HOT Denver, Colorado.)

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