16 January 2012 — India’s Reaches One Year With No New Polio Cases



First, BREAKING NEWS, and that really means exciting, happy, fantastic news. Rotary International’s President-Elect, Sakuji Tanaka, has just this morning (16 January) announce his 2012-2013 Presidential Theme.



Two key points to keep in mind. One: everything is local for someone. Two: polio remains just an airplane ride away from us. Many years ago Rotary International took up the challenge to eradicate polio, and as we’ve all heard so many times we are “this close” to finishing the job.

Have you ever played even a small role in the complete eradication of a disease?


India’s last reported case of polio came on 13 January 2011. For the first time, India has now gone one full year with no new reported cases of polio, as the eradication effort led by Rotary International continues to move us closer and closer to a polio-free world.

1) The news from Rotary International, and please take a moment to view the video message from RI President Kalyan Banerjee.

2) The news from The Los Angeles Times, and yes, they did remember to include Rotary.

3) Rotary’s new India-specific “This Close” video:


4) The very personal reaction of a fellow Rotarian, a polio survivor.

5) A little bit of fun: the making of the Rotary video.

6) A whole lot of fun…a Flash Mob in Solapur, India, organized by the Rotary Club there just last week to celebrate the one-year mark.  You’ll never make it through the entire eight minutes…I barely did…but as you watch a bunch of this, imagine how many of those children (and adults) might not have been able to dance without your efforts through Rotary.


7) Turn your volume WAY UP for this personal message to our E-Club from a Rotarian friend in Goa, India, Prakash Saraswat who has participated in many immunization days.  The sound did not record very well but the very local sentiment did.


8 ) And, finally, just a quick reminder that this is why we do what we do with respect to polio eradication, and if we can be as focused on our local community at the same time, we can accomplish anything.



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3 responses to 16 January 2012 — India’s Reaches One Year With No New Polio Cases

  1. Unfortunately I could not hear anything Prakash Saraswat said, but it is wonderful to be able to celebrate with fellow Rotarians and Indians that we’re on the right track. We have every reason to keep dancing!

  2. It’s nice to be able to both educate and celebrate with the End Polio Now campaign and results.

  3. Great uplifting program – especially the jubilation of the children dancing in the streets of India. Bravo to Rotary for its long commitment to polio eradication.

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