16 December 2013 — Starting With Rotary





This week’s program involves Rotarian participation.

How did you start with Rotary? Who invited you to check out, and ultimately join, your first Rotary Club? (For some of is, it’s our E-Club; others came from other Clubs.) What attracted you enough to want to join?

If you found a Rotary Club for yourself, as we know a couple of our Members did, how did you find Rotary and what attracted you?

Please add your story in the comments. (That goes for visitors, too; we want to know!)

7 responses to 16 December 2013 — Starting With Rotary

  1. In early 2007, while I was the President-Elect of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce, I was approached by a long-time member of the Chamber and asked what I knew about Rotary. (Just about nothing, was the answer.) He told me they were creating a new service Club under Rotary’s umbrella and asked me to consider it. He was a bit of a curmudgeon but we got along and I was willing to listen.

    Not long after this conversation, I was approached by a fellow member of the Chamber Board, who was also part of the effort. This raised my interest level a bit.

    Then I was approached by Sondra Frohlich, the Executive Director of the Chamber, a long-time Rotarian, and someone for whom I had 100% respect and in whom I had 100% confidence. She knew me well enough to hit me with details. From there, I dug into the Rotary International website, which back then was extremely useful and packed with easy-to-find information. And I liked very much what I read. I liked the local focus and I liked the international reach and I especially liked the idea of being part of a team focused on service

    About six months of weekly meetings and building and growing later, the new Club was chartered and I’ve been a Rotarian ever since, now in our great new Club.

  2. I was asked to join the Rotary Club of North Hollywood in July 1987 – the first month that Women were allowed to join Rotary (due to a Supreme Court ruling) in the United States. It was another two years before this became a part of the Rotary International legislation for all clubs.

    I was asked to join by Ken Banks and Michael Murphy. Ken and I have now both been District Governors and have worked on many Rotary and community activities over the years. A long time friend.

    I joined because Rotary is a prestigious business/ volunteer organization, and as a Vice President of the local bank, and President Elect of the Universal City-North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Rotary fit right in with my business associates and activities. I stayed in Rotary because of the friends I have made and the ‘feel good’ activities I am privileged to be a part of as a member of Rotary. And now being part of a Rotary E Club works very well with both my business hours and family commitments. Rotary may be more than 100 years old, but it still is learning to flex with the times.

    Being one of the 1st women in Rotary, visiting other clubs and International Conventions in those first years is another story, and was a lot of fun and a great adventure sometimes. Another story for another day……….

  3. I was at a NVRCC chamber meeting, and when I left I was approached by David Arnold about coming to a Rotary meeting. He sent me a email with the details and a link to this website. Looking around the website, and to my surprise, I found Sara Vasquez, a friend and customer of mine is the President.

    I went to my first meeting in June of this year, and instantly knew I wanted to join. I’m excited and enjoy every meeting and event with my new Rotary family.

    Our Rotary E Club format works great for me as well, and I believe this model will be a huge factor in growing Rotary in the future!

  4. I had heard about Rotary for many years from a good family friend and from my brother-in-law who were both active in RI in different parts of the country. Several years ago Judy and I decided to see what it was all about. We found contact information on the internet for a district representative who told us about the different clubs in our area and suggested that we try Sherman Oaks-Sunset. After attending a few meetings, learning about Rotary and its good works and getting to know Mel, Yoko, and Nancy, we were hooked. Because we are gone from LA so much, the change to the new eclub format is a great way for us to stay involved even when we are not here;

  5. Dear Rotarian friends,
    my name is Riccardo and I am a member of the Italian Rotary eClub 2050.
    I’m here visiting your eClub because I’m curious to see others eClub like mine and I like to meet new rotarian friends.
    I am 33 years old and I was a member of Rotaract . Then, when I turned 30 I joined Rotary. I started with a traditional club but a few months I passed in my actual eClub. I prefer this type of club. We meet online every week and once a month via video-conference . From time to time we find ourselves in person : for example, we will meet January 2 because two of our members, who live abroad, will return to Italy .
    My eclub has already concluded several services: for example, we collected hair at the hairdressers and we have them donated to cancer patients , we organize online courses for teaching Italian to foreigners.
    I’ve also seen all of your services. Congratulations ! You are a very active eClub !
    In the future I will return to meet you again on your website! And if anyone wants to visit my eClub this is the address of the website: http://www.rotaryeclub2050.org/

    • Dear Ricardo,
      We are so happy that you visit our eClub site. We are happy to share all of our activities and services with the rest of the world. Our small club is indeed very active and mighty! Your hair-to-cancer patients and Italian language course projects sound awesome! We welcome you to join in our exchanges and hope to continue our fellowship online or in person! Happy new year to you and yours. I will definitely visit your website soon so that we may learn how others operate as an e-club.
      Best regards,

  6. In 1985, I applied for a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to Spain (CSUN advertized the opportunity in the Foreign Language Dept.), and I ended up studying in the University of Madrid for one year. I returned to tell my story at various Rotary Clubs at home, and stayed in touch with many Rotarians. In 1992, I was a Rotary Group Study Exchange participant in Argentina, where I represented my field: Education. As the years flew by, I stayed in touch with mentors such as John Alexander and Emilio Basile. I finally decided to join in 2010 to give back to the organization that gave me such wonderful opportunities to learn, study abroad, and enjoy intercultural relationships. It is my honor and pleasure to serve as a Rotarian for the past 3 years, this year as President of an active and innovative club. Thank you, Rotary!

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