16 April 2012 — Beginnings


This week’s program features the first three modules of our New Member Orientation Program. This is a first draft, so we appreciate your assistance in providing us with feedback. What you need to know right now is that: a) yes, we will use our real video camera to film the official, final version; b) yes, we will have other veteran Rotarians present some of the information; and c) yes, it will be crisper and more streamlined.

This is based heavily on the recommended New Member Orientation process from Rotary International.

Still, it is time to help our newest members become part of the larger conversation of Rotary, so here we go.  These three modules will take less than 20 minutes, and the documents recommended on each page are very valuable resources.

By the way, who do you know around town who would be a great Rotarian and fantastic addition to our team?

And are you ready to take it up a notch and help our E-Club launch?



PLEASE NOTE — these pages have not been “published” yet, so where you see a link to “return to the main orientation page,” please ignore that, close the page you’re on when you’re done with the video and the documents, and just come back here to this page. Thanks.

PART 1: Welcome!

PART 2: The Bigger Picture

PART 3: Benefits and Responsibilities

Still to come:

4. Club Projects and Rotary-wide projects and ideas

5. How to propose a new member

6. Club Structure

7. Rotary International Strategic Plan and Elements of an Effective Club

8. Club Meetings

9. District Structure

10. Current Club Projects

11. Rotary International Programs

12. The Rotary Foundation’s PRograms

13. Brief history of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation

14. Rotary International Board and Foundation Trustees

15. Ethics and The Four-Way Test

16. Your Involvement


5 responses to 16 April 2012 — Beginnings

  1. cool beginnings. have we got a provisional club roster that can be shared? if so, please do.

  2. Very nice. A lot of good information.

  3. Nice polo with different color for each video! Info is great. We need to tweak some aesthetic details (no, I’m not talking about sending you to a spa, Mel!!) like the background, lighting, etc. Can we mix other people to talk about different topics?

  4. Now, didn’t we say right here on the page in the first paragraph that we would film it better and have more Rotarians involved? Didn’t we? :-)

  5. Mel – I appreciate your clear (and succinct) explanations of each aspect of Rotary. Information is very helpful.

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