14 November 2011 — The Rotary Foundation

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November is designated Rotary Foundation Month. The Rotary Foundation is Rotary International’s financial trust, from which most large-scale projects (and many hundreds of smaller-scale projects) are funded. This week’s program includes some history of the Foundation, as well as both a basic and a more in-depth education about how it all works. It’s a lot deeper than what this one E-Club program can present.

From the RI website, here is an “e-learning module” teaching where the money goes.

Also from the RI website, here is a brief history of the Foundation.

From the Rotary Global History Fellowship, here is a deeper history of the Foundation, with just enough enhancement from the RI version to justify including this here, too….

The following video shows one amazing example of what Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, through the vehicle of The Rotary Foundation.  Carolyn Jones is the first woman ever to serve on the Board of Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, appointed in 2005 for a four-year term.  District 5260 had the honor of a visit with Carolyn as the keynote speaker for our Foundation Gala in late-2009.  She told this amazing story to us that day, and here it is as she presented it in October of 2010 to District 5400 in Southern Idaho, as posted by the Rotary Club of Twin Falls and used here with that Club’s kind permission.  This story is worth every moment of the eighteen minutes and forty-nine seconds it runs, but if you don’t believe me, watch the second video, below, instead, as a teaser.  It cuts off terribly and you will end up desperate to come back to this first one and watch the entire story.

If the embedded video is not visible, please click here to view it on YouTube.

(If you watched the above video, no need to bother with this next one!)

If the embedded video is not visible, please click here to view it on YouTube.

For the record, here she is between E-Club (provisional) President Mel Powell and Siranoush Tokatlian, RC Burbank and current District 5260 General Secretary, at the 2009 local event.  Siranoush and Mel have a tradition of hunting down Rotary dignitaries at major events and getting a photo with that dignitary…and we recommend that you find event-based Rotary traditions, too; you make lots of friends from lots of great places.


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