14 January 2013 — Repeat: ShelterBox, a Tribute to DGE Jim Dyer


This morning, 14 January 2013 in San Diego, California at the annual International Assembly, Rotary International President-Elect Ron Burton presented the 2013-2014 Theme: “ENGAGE ROTARY, CHANGE LIVES.”

See the official news here. We will have more on this, and how our E-Club can implement it, in the weeks to come.

It has been a tough few days in our little corner of the Rotary World. Our friend Jim Dyer, the District Governor Elect for District 5280, passed away very suddenly on Friday evening, 11 January. A true gentleman with a gigantic heart and a passion for Rotary, he was excited and enthusiastic about his coming 2013-2014 year as District Governor.

I was to have served as one of his two Executive Aides during his term. The planning for the Presidents-Elect, the building of the team of District leaders who will support and serve as resources for the Clubs, these have been an exhausting but exhilarating process.

Our Club has one mission: to be the best Rotary Club we can possibly be. That mission continues. This week’s program is a repeat of the program from one year ago, as a tribute to our friend Jim.











Celebrating the life, commitment, and Rotary spirit of our friend Jim Dyer, who passed away on 11 January 11 2013, we share with you again our tour of a ShelterBox, originally posted here on 9 January 2012.


If the embedded video is not visible, please click here to view it on YouTube.


Jim provided one answer, as promised, afterwards: 1,700 ShelterBoxes have been deployed to Japan and more than 10,000 winter gloves, scarves, and hats have been sent.

Jim also recommends the following great links:

ShelterBox In Japan.

ShelterBox history… “a couple of years old but still valid,” Jim says.

ShelterBox inventor Tom Henderson, a CNN Hero.

Testing in high wind and rain.

And the main website of ShelterBox USA


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8 responses to 14 January 2013 — Repeat: ShelterBox, a Tribute to DGE Jim Dyer

  1. Rotary’s lost a passionate and great leader and he will be missed very much!!
    Thank you for reposting the ShelterBox video.

  2. Jim Dyer’s passion and commitment for the Shelterbox project and for Rotary was clearly evident in the video. Thanks to Mel for putting this program together and re-showing it this week in Jim’s memory.

  3. Thank you Mel for the interview and for showing the video again. Jim will be greatly missed.

  4. One of the great things about Rotary… Jim Dyer was to be a District Governor. It’s a big deal. But Rotary is a leader, a big wheel in business or the community, crawling around on the ground to help set up a tent so someone in a ravaged area will be safe and have shelter. Or so much of what we do, too, asking for the one extra can of food, asking someone to join the bone marrow database and maybe safe a life someday, teaching peace to a child. Rotary is these little things that add up all over the world and right here at home. Watching this video reminds me of those things.

  5. We love you, Jim.

  6. Jim’s enthusiasm for Shelter Box was very inspiring. The Shelter Box program is a great example of how Rotary can really help people at the time of their greatest need. Jim will be missed.

  7. I truly enjoyed seeing all the time and effort Jim invested in international peace and understanding. His shelter box project brought hope and happiness to many around the world. What a tribute to Jim to have our club honor him and his dedication and goodwill! Thank you, Mel for recognizing him. He was an awsome Rotarian and human being! He will be sorely missed.

  8. I’m so pleased to see our club members viewing this week’s program! Let’s keep the threaded conversations going, gang!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone honor our GSE team to Japan on Sunday the 27th. Remember to bring a friend, neighbor, family member, guest, anyone to share the good work we do through Rotary! :)

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