Judy and Roy Glickman, on hosting Nori Oshimura (13 May 2013)


Several months ago, Judy and I volunteered to host a member of the GSE when the team arrived in May for its visit to District 5280. In a small way this continued a tradition in my family because for many years after I left home in New Jersey to attend college, my parents rented my room in their house to Japanese students at nearby Rutgers University. Many times I returned for a visit to find that I had to sleep on the couch in the family room because my old room was occupied by one of several students whom my parents called their “Japanese sons.”

Our guest from the GSE team was Nori Oshimura, a 26-year-old dentist who comes from a family of dentists. He is engaged to be married and the official ceremony will be four days after his return to Japan from the United States. He is currently working in a dental practice to study specialized techniques in aesthetic dentistry and hopes to return to his hometown after the specialized study to practice with his father, mother and sister.

We picked up Nori Sunday evening at a welcome party in Burbank and he settled in for his four night stay. We hit it off right away. Nori enjoyed practicing his English with us (which was pretty good) and we had many interesting discussions about customs both in the United States and Japan, world affairs, professional employment and his upcoming wedding. Roy was particularly happy that Nori was a big fan of the chocolate chip cookies and coffee cake that he had baked. Before he arrived we wondered if we had stocked up on the right foods for breakfast. It turned out not to be a problem because he was very happy with cookies and cake for breakfast. Tuesday night we fired up the grill and cooked some nice, thick steaks, and one night we went out for hamburgers, but the other nights he was busy with dinners that were part of the GSE activities.

On our last morning, Nori offered to make a traditional Japanese egg dish for us. We were joined by Yoko and our next door neighbor. It started out like a crepe, but was repeated a number of times with each crepe rolling around the previous one so that the final dish was a cylinder composed of numerous thin layers, then artistically cut into smaller pieces for all of us to enjoy.

Thursday morning Nori headed for a tour of JPL and then off to a new host family. We certainly enjoyed our hosting opportunity and feel that we learned as much from him as he learned from us.

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