13 February 2012 — Speaker, California Assemblymember Mike Feuer


Despite the difficulty of attending an event at 11:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, we enjoyed our first out-in-the-world service project of sorts on 8 February. At the Veterans Administration’s Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center in North Hills, California, Rotarians David Arnold, Judy Glickman, Roy Glickman, Yoko Matsui and I, along with our Official Young Aussie Felix (the Glickmans’ grandson), represented the E-Club at the local version of National Salute to Veterans Day.

We learned a lot. We made great connections with this facility and its volunteer coordinators, and we look forward to finding ways to serve those who served.


Grandpa Roy with Felix and his autographed photo of The L. A. Clippers Spirit Dance Team!

E-Club team with vets and volunteers, getting organized.

Yoko with Miss Los Angeles County, Laura Berger.

(We didn’t learn how to get those three photos all on one horizontal line; working on it; apologies!)


California State Assemblymember Mike Feuer represents the 42nd District, encompassing all or parts of Sherman Oaks, Studio City, North Hollywood, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Universal City, and many communities south of here. His District Office in West Hollywood is adorned with numerous certificates and speaker gifts from Rotary Clubs, and he has been a friend to Rotary throughout his life. You’ll learn why during our interview with him.

In fact, he has even been a friend most specifically to our team of Rotarians in very recent years. Although others were represented by their wonderful and hard-working field representatives, Mike was the only elected official to attend the H2Oaks Clean, Clear Water Festival in 2008 (on, arguably, the hottest day of the year, if not ever). We have a much better video camera now…but here’s the evidence of his participation.

In 2009, he was the Club’s guest speaker.

The Assemblymember was kind enough to sit down with us on 10 February 2012 to give us an update on the State of California, his take on moving forward, and how we can continue to solve some of the obstacles the recession has caused or exacerbated.

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Language of the Week: Serbian

4 responses to 13 February 2012 — Speaker, California Assemblymember Mike Feuer

  1. Hello all. I had a great Rotary week this past week, meeting Laker and Clipper girls at the VA hospital, not to mention a photo opp with Miss Los Angeles County. Laura (Miss Los Angeles) is a sweet girl with a heart of gold. You will get to learn about her and her journey as Miss LA in the coming week. Stay tuned!

    Seeing Felix was also a treat, very suitable for the Valentine’s day. He really melts our hears with his killer smile and Aussie accent!

    I do want to apologize for the bare background on this week’s video interview. At least you have nothing to distract you and you can pay full attention to what the Assemblymember has to say.

    As busy as he is, with his Blackberry and office phones ringing almost constantly while we were setting up the video camera, the assemblymember was as always very friendly, approachable, willing to listen to what you need to say. We truly appreciate all he has done and his contribution to the Rorary society as well.

    Also to update you on the Japan Relief project, Jennifer and I are moving strongly! Jennifer has been working on preparing packets to give to our prospective organizations and individuals who can be the project sponsors and supporters. We still have ways to go, but we feel good about the directions it is taking. We have another meeting this weekend with the President of San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center. Please look forward to more development in the future.

  2. Assemblymember Feuer touched on many civic issues in Mel’s interview. A few that hit home were his support of education, nursing home protections and environmental issues. The assembly member is clearly a forward thinker and understands that standing up now for quality schools, the safety of seniors (including an emerging boomer population as well as nonagenerians like my father who resides in an assisted living facility), and protection of clean air and water is a necessity to maintain our quality of life. Assemblymember Feuer’s vision and ethics will be missed.
    Also, thanks to the group who visited the VA hospital on our behalf.

  3. Mike Feuer is keenly aware of what’s important to local residents: education, transportation and economy. I wasn’t aware of his level of active bill authoring until the video. Thanks Mel. My wheels are turning. Is it possible to have a local shuttle like Santa Monica and Glendale… We could call it something silly like the Sherman Oaks LEAVES… It would transport the elderly and younger commuters locally from schools to … you know. This would relieve some grid lock by omitting double driving for school pick up and give parents the opportunity to finish working and still get home at the same time. I know I’m just thinking out loud, but many businesses, local small businesses would benefit too. Kids could drop by at local shops for snacks, sandwiches, tutoring… and get home for a high quality interaction with mom/dad. I’m on board!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Mike Feuer is well informed and comes across as being truly sincere in his concern for the critical matters being faced by Californians. I appreciate his efforts to provide legal assistance for low-income citizens as well as the protection of California’s water and air. Interesting story regarding his early association with Rotary. Well done.

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