Rotary Club of the Week for 12 September 2011

It is our privilege to introduce you to The Rotary Club of Nakuru–The Great Rift Valley and our friend Jaine Kamau-Kago!

What is the name of your Rotary Club?

Rotary Club of Nakuru–The Great Rift Valley.

What is the town or city, or the part of a city, the state or province, and the country?

Nakuru, Rift Valley, Kenya.

When were you chartered?

30 June 2009.

Who is the current President? (If it’s not you, what is your role in the Club, now or in the past?)

Catherine Tomno is our President.

I’m the Charter Treasurer, current Secretary, and Social Media coordinator.

How many members are in your Club?

28 members.

What is your Club’s website address, and does your Club have a Facebook Page?

No website yet, but we are on Facebook.

When and where do you meet?

Midland Hotel, Nakuru, every Thursday 5.30 – 7.00 pm.

What is your favorite Club project? Or your favorite two, we know it’s hard sometimes to pick just one.

1. Sanitary towels for needy school girls

2. Water and Sanitation

Can you please attach a photo of your Club’s trading banner or logo?

See below.

What else do you want our E-Club Members, Rotarian visitors, and guests to know about your Club?

Average age of members is 33, gender balance is 50:50, we love making new friends!


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