12 May 2014 — Peace, with a Rotarian Action Group


On Saturday, 10 May, several Rotarians gathered for the fourth year in a row at the Studio City branch of the United States Post Office. The second Saturday in May is always STAMP OUT HUNGER Day, 2014 marking its 22nd year, thanks to the National Association of Letter Carriers with the cooperation of the United States Postal Service.



Letter carriers collect non-perishable food, donated by the customers along their postal route. Food Banks around the United States are assigned to specific post offices; Studio City and North Hollywood are the locations for our friends at Valley Food Bank, our partners for the Club’s quarterly “One More Item” Food Drives.


As the mail trucks pull in to the Post Office, we yell “Mail Truck!” (although we’re pretty sure ours is the only location where you must yell “Mail Truck!” when you see one), and then swarm the truck as it comes to a stop near the Valley Food Bank’s truck. We unload the donations, in bags and UPS boxes, and put the food up onto the Food Bank’s truck. It’s fun, and a great workout.




When we arrived to do play our small part, our friend Will Hernandez, Director of Valley Food Bank, had a surprise for us.  The Valley Food Bank honored us with a Certificate of Appreciation for our efforts both on Stamp Out Hunger Day and our One More Item Food Drives.  We appreciate the recognition and consider it a privilege (and responsibility), being in a position to help, to support our community whenever we can.










Let’s start with this: what is a Rotarian Action Group? That’s somewhat easy: according to Rotary International, “A Rotarian Action Group is an autonomous group of Rotarians, family members, and Rotaractors who are experts in a particular field, such as microcredit or water and sanitation.”

In more recent months Rotary International has begun to recognize some Rotarian Action Groups that are really more in the nature of Rotary Fellowships: that is, people with common interests, not necessarily expertise. But it’s a positive step when like-minded business and community leaders from around the world join their interests and talents in pursuit of the common goal of service in a specific field.

Peace is a good specific field to pursue. And so the Rotarian Action Group for Peace was formed in 2012 to help Rotary Clubs around the world further our efforts in peace and conflict resolution.

For this week’s program, as always with the mindset of opening our minds to ideas that we can implement as projects of our Rotary Club, we link here to the website for the Rotarian Action Group for Peace and ask each of us to invest a little time this week exploring their website for ideas.  Dig!  You never know what nugget you will find.



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3 responses to 12 May 2014 — Peace, with a Rotarian Action Group

  1. The Food Drive at the Post Office was a fun event. The take was a little light, and the workout wasn’t, but the people were terrific. The Postal Carriers were glad to see us and it made for a good day.

  2. Saturday was my first time participating in Stamp Out Hunger. Having donated non-perishable food items to my mail carrier for past events, it was a privilege to take part in another step of the process. It was especially fulfilling to see the enthusiasm and caring on the part of the mail carriers when they returned. I wonder why fewer donations were picked up this year? I hope we can help fill the void at our Food Drive on May 18th.

  3. I enjoyed working with other E-Clubbers, Will & other Valley Food Bank volunteers.

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