12 Aug 2013 — Pres. Ron Burton on Membership, plus 15-16 Nominee Ravi Ravindran


The plan for this week’s program had been to introduce you to K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran, Rotary International’s selection to serve as President during the 2015-2016 Rotary Year. And we will still do that, in a moment. But your Programs Chair happened to see current RI President Ron Burton’s message about strong Rotary membership, why it matters, and how we can accomplish so much more service with more hands on deck. We lead with President Ron’s video message, and trust that it will get each of us thinking about all-stars in our lives who would be great additions to our team.

RI President Burton’s Membership Message from Rotary International on Vimeo.












And now, from the RI website, please meet Ravi Ravidran, courtesy of the Rotary website.

In 2004, a tsunami devastated vast areas of Sri Lanka.  In a 2009 interview, Mr. Ravindran shared the story of how Rotary helped rebuild there.   A link to that video is in the article above, but here is the two-minute video directly.

Meet K.R. Ravindran, Nominating Committee Choice for Rotary President 2015-16 from Rotary International on Vimeo.


He made a full video presentation at the 2010 Rotary Zones 25/26 Institute in 2010, in Bellevue, Washington, in a very moving look at a disaster but also at the remarkable recovery.  During that weekend event, the poor fellow–at the time serving as RI Treasurer–was quite successfully stalked.  He is a tremendously nice, genuine fellow, too.










6 responses to 12 Aug 2013 — Pres. Ron Burton on Membership, plus 15-16 Nominee Ravi Ravindran

  1. Mr Ravi seems to have his priorities straight and understands the ‘beauty’ of what Rotary is all about. The service above self motto we run with is a basic tenet of what is important in Rotary. Bringing in members who get that is how we will thrive in the days and years to come.

  2. Always nice to hear passionate Rotarians talk about how they joined and why they’ve stayed as Rotarians all these years. The regional approach for the membership growth is intriguing. Looking forward to learning more.

  3. Ron Burton talked about engagement; Ravi Ravindran talked about duty. Both are good reasons to join an organization that gives back to the community and the world.

  4. “Service above self” is what attracted me to Rotary. It is a concept that transcends generational differences, and brings Rotarians together with a single purpose. That said, with his reference to using social media to simply and clearly express our identity and core values, Ravi Ravindran plainly lays out the basis for attracting a new generation of Rotarians.

  5. As an e club, we are a key element in the effort to increase membership that President Burton talked about. We provide a new way for people to participate in Rotary. It is important for us to get the word out that Rotary membership no longer has to be the regular weekly meeting which many people can’t accomodate because of busy schedules.

    Maybe we need to “brand” ourselves to show the flexible nature of our club as compared to the traditional model. We could create a slogan emphasizing our active service project schedule with the high tech convenience that we offer.

  6. The e-club concept is a HUGE attraction for me. I have a super busy schedule and want to serve too. I agree with Roy that e-club needs to be “branded” to attract new members. Maybe, ” Times are changing, and so are we, welcome to the Rotary E-Club”.

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