11 September 2012 — Many Club Activities!

Dear Friends,

Due to travel plans and schedule conflicts and a couple of folks under the weather–yes, we do occasionally have weather here in Southern California, so it is possible to be under it–we enjoyed a small and very informal Club Meeting on Monday evening 19 September.

We enjoyed meeting the District 5280 Assistant Governor assigned to our Club, Sam Pirnazar, a member of the Rotary Club of Rancho Park.

We were also thrilled by the visit of an old friend from Sherman Oaks Sunset days, Kristina Thilen, a member of the Rotary Club of Stockholm-Borgen, Sweden.  Kristina was often in the area on business two or three times a year for weeks at a time, and became a frequent visitor.  We were fortunate that, after a couple of years, her current visit to Southern California included the date of our Fireplace Room meeting.

Calendar reminder: our next Fireplace Room Meeting is Sunday, 23 September, 12:30 pm…the OFFICIAL VISIT of DISTRICT GOVERNOR LEW BERTRAND.  As is traditional, the Board of Directors will meet with Governor Lew and his team before the main meeting, at 11:00 a.m.  Everyone should please make absolute best efforts to attend the main meeting; the annual visit of the District Governor is always a special event.

VISITING ROTARIANS THIS WEEK: take a look below at our many projects, please, but this week you may enjoy viewing one of our other archived programs.  :-)  This is more in the nature of a Club Assembly the rest of the way.

E-CLUB MEMBERS: we need to move forward on some projects, so please comment below as you see fit, about each of these items.  We’ll be brief here, and supplement with more detailed discussions by e-mail as needed.  But PLEASE DO CHECK THIS OUT, as at times it is difficult to get all of the information into everyone’s hands.



DANCE FOR THE CHILDRENTHIS SATURDAY EVENING, 7pm to 10pm.  You’ve heard from Yoko, coordinating refreshments for the evening; please let her know what’s what.  Please arrive at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks in the 6:30-6:45 range, please; aas early as 6:15 is OK but not urgent.  As of this moment we have raised $1,080 (that’s more than 1700 children safe from polio), with another $800 definitely, no doubt about it, on the way…and more, we hope.

GLENDALE CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHENThursday, 20 September, lunch and through the afternoon and dinner.  The Rotary Club of Glendale Moonlight is having a PolioPlus fundraiser there that day, a portion of diners’ checks will go to their Club and on to PolioPlus; they plan to designate a portion of that to our Dance for the Children.  (Note that they are contributing $100 directly, to sponsor their President, Steve Sungulyan, to come dancing…you’ll enjoy meeting him, great guy.)  I will definitely be trekking to Glendale for a meal that day to support this great new Rotary Club.  We will send details and the flyer next week.

BONE MARROW OUTREACH DAYSaturday, 29 September, Granada Hills.  CHANGE in the plans.  The Balboa location will run from 8 am to 5 pm, and Judy and Roy Glickman will be there the entire time–we’ll get them some help.  Meanwhile, the Granada Hills Rec Center location only needs us from 8 am to 10 am.  So…if David and Sara can take 8-10 instead of 8:30-10:30, we’re good to go there.  They may run until 11 but may not need us for that last hour; we’ll check.  Patty and Sharon have signed on for the 10:30-12:30 shift…which will stand, but switch to the nearby Balboa location instead.  Details and addresses to follow.  EVERYONE ELSE…who’s in?  :-)  Yoko and Mel are waiting to fill gaps, so we’ll sign up last.  Remember, this is Carmageddon Weekend, you can’t go anywhere outside of the San Fernando Valley anyway!

CARE HARBOR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITYThursday, 27 September through Sunday, 30 September. Care Harbor’s mission is: “To promote the health and well being of underserved populations by producing free clinic events that provide quality, sustainable care.”  They will host a free clinic on these dates at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.  We are “booked” as a Club for that Saturday’s Bone Marrow project, but if this information moves you, as it does David Arnold, to volunteer to help the clinic assist thousands of people on one of the other days, please contact them or David.

QUARTERLY “ONE MORE ITEM” FOOD DRIVESunday, 7 October.  With RC North Hollywood and RC Universal City Sunrise both covering the Valley Village/NoHo Gelson’s again, we’ll be back at the Sherman Oaks Gelson’s.  Details soon, and Yoko will begin coordinating shifts.  Today Yoko and Mel mentioned this idea to the Rotary Club of Inglewood and it’s a very safe bet (they meet at Hollywood Park Casino, so it really is a very safe bet) that their Club will try this One More Item Food Drive in their area very soon.

WATER PASTEURIZATION UNITS — Date and time to be announced.  We have the opportunity to work with Rotary Club of Calabasas (home of frequent E-Club visitor Linda Catran as well as our recent guest speaker Past Rotary International Director Elmer Jordan) to help them complete a project assembling Water Pasteurization Units, known as WAPIs.  Yes, we know it should be WPI, not WAPI, so the A just comes from WA in WA-ter but work with us here.  WAPIs are inexpensive reusable devices which tell people when water is safe to drink.  More detail to come.  The members present agreed that it will be a fun, beneficial, international project with our friends in Calabasas and we can learn what they do (which is much more than we would help with in finishing up with them).  We’ll get ideas for a date and time soon.


The second “District Breakfast” of the year will be Tuesday morning, 2 October, 7:00 a.m. at the Westin LAX Hotel.  Guest speaker is Theodore Lumpkin, a Tuskegee Airman.  The ticket price is $35.

The annual Paul Harris Celebration will be on Saturday evening, 27 October, cocktails at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:30, at the Bonaventure Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.  The theme is a masquerade ball.  The ticket price is $125.  In the interest of full disclosure, the event is similar to the Foundation Galas we had in former District 5260 in that there will be a silent auction and a live auction to raise money for The Rotary Foundation.  This event is different in that there is no guest speaker on a Foundation-related educational issue, and no portion of the ticket price goes to The Rotary Foundation; the entire $125 is for the event expense.

NOW YOU’VE SEEN EVERYTHING!  E-Club members, please comment below regarding any of the above.


5 responses to 11 September 2012 — Many Club Activities!

  1. I’m very excited about all of the upcoming programs. I got to see WAPIs at the last district event and was fascinated by the simplicity of the device and what it can accomplish. Looking forward to collaborating effort with our friends in Calabasas :)

  2. I am looking forward to all the exciting opportunities for service as shown above. Although I am unable to attend all I will be at several. Hopefully everyone reading this WILL be at the dance this Saturday evening. We’re looking forward to a Swingin’ Good Time! Rotary hugs to all.

  3. Lots of activities. I am grateful that the club is supporting the Bone Marrow Outreach which really is a “gift of life” for the recipients. By the way, the bone marrow database is a worldwide organization, so that can be considered an international project along with the water pasteurization devices.

  4. Roy, you’re the one who wanted to start local! :-) I’m ready to strategize taking this nationally for Be The Match and internationally for the various databases as soon as you are…

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