11 November 2013 — World Interact Week (last week!)






Rotary International designates a week in November each year as “World Interact Week.”  This year, the week of 4 November to 10 November gave the Rotary universe the chance to celebrate the benefits of Interact.  In the future our Club hopes to sponsor an Interact Club and help local youth, ages 12-18, experience the joys of service and leadership and begin along the path to making a positive difference in the world throughout their lives.

This week’s program offers a taste of Interact resources, opening with two very brief videos from RI showing us, and prospective Interact members and faculty/staff advisors, some of the benefits and fun.  Then please review the various items on the Interact page from the Rotary website.  It appears that we can access that page and the linked information without going through the unnecessary trouble of creating a formal account on the RI website, and we hope that remains true and you can review the important information without having to be logged in there.


Josh’s Choice: Volunteer, Travel, or Lead? from Rotary International on Vimeo.


Celebrate Interact! from Rotary International on Vimeo.



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  1. Met with the interact club at Daniel Pearl. Gave them the flyers for the Pizza Night. They may come. Also there are two new interact clubs being formed and they have promised me to send me details on where and when. The Club at SOCES is being supported by the Encino Tarzana Club and doing very well for them. As I get more information from them, I will share. If anyone in our club has a hankering to help with Interact, let me know and I’ll get you into the loop (fast track).

  2. Love the presentations and additional information.

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