11 June 2012 — Interact Videos…and District Conference Project Notes

Dear Team,

Please accept my apology for an extraordinarily late and insufficiently flashy program, but there’s some good stuff!

INTERACT is, in loose terms, Rotary for high school students.  In the last couple of years, the age range has been lowered from 14 to 12, and up to 17…although 18-year-old high school seniors are still eligible.

Each year Rotary International sponsors an Interact Video Contest.  Here are the winning videos for 2011…and I am also looking forward to watching them in the next day or so!


Also, on Tuesday of this week I will add to this page and offer some thoughts on the best projects of the year among District 5260 Clubs; we had presentations during the District Conference this past weekend, 8-9 June.  The presenters were all asked to tell us about their projects in a way that would allow us to take the information back to our Clubs, perhaps to implement the same project in our community…or partner up with the Clubs doing the projects now and give them more great people (that would be us!).

Stand by, and please enjoy the 12-ish minutes of Interact Video in the four winning submissions you’ll find on the YouTube Page.

5 responses to 11 June 2012 — Interact Videos…and District Conference Project Notes

  1. The videos produced by these Interact Clubs are truly creative and inspirational. They’ve given me some ideas of projects we can do here…

    • Thanks–and I’m sorry I haven’t completed the program with my comments on the project presentations from the Conference…working on that today…including your Club’s “Makin’ WAPI.” :-)

  2. Interact kids are incredibly inspiring. I find kids in these days are very aware of the issues that affect their lives. The videos made me feel good about the future. These kids will be tough enough to face the tough world ahead of them. I want to be like them when I grow up! (Should be the other way around but…) LOL

    BTW, the District Conference was wonderful. I especially enjoyed the keynote speech by the RI director from Denmark. Governor Tom also gave a beautiful and emotional speech that described the beautiful history of District 5260. We may be migrating to another district, but I believe we can still be good Rotarians no matter what.

  3. The Interact Program was great. Each video highlights the commitment of Interactors to service.

  4. The Interact Club members who went to Cambodia (and their videos) were living the promise of putting yourself out there to help others.

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