11 January 2016 — School is Back, Let’s Interact


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SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 — 12:30pm to 2:00pmOur FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for January! Speaker TBA.  We gather in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s, 5525 Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.  (Meeting reminders: Inspiration, Richard; Pledge, Linda C; Four-Way Test, Reed; Rotary Minute, TBA; Mini Craft Talk: Daniele.)  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING in The Fireplace Room at 11:00 a.m.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21 — 10:00pm to 4:00pm  — The next ONE MORE ITEM FOOD DRIVE, in support of Valley Food Bank, at Gelson’s in Sherman Oaks.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28 — 12:30pm to 2:00pmOur FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for February! Speaker: expected to be a representative of Mayor Garcetti’s office.  We gather in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s, 5525 Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.  (Meeting reminders: Inspiration, Mel; Pledge, TBA; Four-Way Test, TBA; Rotary Minute, TBA; Mini Craft Talk: Linda C.)  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING in The Fireplace Room at 11:00 a.m.


We have launched our Clunkers4Charity fundraiser! If you know of anyone (yourself included) who wants or needs to donate a car for tax purposes, send them to our website…and to the Clunkers4Charity “Link” you see at the right side of this page. Funds we raise will go right into the community for our projects.










Great thanks to Club Member Todd Gurvis for this week’s content.

Interact is an international organization of service and social clubs, for young people of secondary school age (12-18), that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship and promotes international understanding and peace. The name “Interact” was created by combining the words “international” and “action.” Interact Clubs are sponsored by Rotary Clubs as a program of Rotary International. Rotary Clubs provide guidance and inspiration, but the Interact Clubs are self-governing and self-supporting. Clubs vary greatly, with both single-gender and mixed as well as large and small. The membership base of a club can be drawn from the student body of a single school or from two or more schools from the same community.

Each year, Interact clubs complete at least one community service project and at least one project that furthers international understanding and goodwill. Interact’s five primary avenues of service include the following: community, international, school, environmental, and fundraising. Interactors develop a worldwide network of friendships through exchanges with local and overseas clubs. Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends.

Interactors also often spearhead the formation of Rotaract clubs and participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Interactors also often go on to become Rotary Youth Exchange students or Ambassadorial Scholars.

The first Interact club was initiated in 1962 by the Rotary Club of Melbourne, Florida, USA. Two months later, the first Interact club outside the United States was established in Tanjore, India. Today, with almost 200,000 members worldwide participating in more than 8,600 Interact clubs in 110 countries and geographical areas, Interact is truly a worldwide phenomenon.

Through service activities, Interactors learn the importance of

Developing leadership skills and personal integrity
Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others
Advancing international understanding and goodwill
Our Interact Club at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School was founded by Avidan Gurvis and Heather Melendez in the Spring of 2011, under the guidance of faculty advisor Daniel Cramer and Rotarian advisor Todd Gurvis. They were originally sponsored by the Calabasas Rotary Club. In 2015, the charter for the Daniel Pearl Interact Club was transferred to the Rotary E-Club of the Greater San Fernando Valley. To date, their club has already been represented by four students on the District Interact Leadership Team (one for two terms). They also hosted the District 5280 Youth Service Conference in October 2013.

Official Interact page on the R.I. website: https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/exchange-ideas/club-connections/interact-clubs

Official Interact Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/interactofficial

District 5280 Interact Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/678940475533365/

Official Interact Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHtmOlfvv30

Every year, Rotary International sponsors a video awards contest for Interact Clubs worldwide. The winning videos are posted on the R.I. website and YouTube, and the club producing them receive cash prizes to support their service projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-0678kfS8s

Enjoy some of the recent winners and finalists:

Interact Club of Hugh Boyd (2015 Grand Prize Winner): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJacyKCmsNw

Interact Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town – Seeds of Change (2013 Grand Prize Winner): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0aeV1APvXQ

Interact Club of CSI San Salvador Noroeste – Beyond Our Actions (2013 Runner-Up): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5INOCUWvdrQ

Learn more about Interact. Come visit the Daniel Pearl Interact Club at one of the bimonthly meetings, held on the first and third Wednesdays of every month during lunch. For more information or to schedule your visit, contact their Rotarian advisor, Todd Gurvis, at tevyeg@gmail.com.

In addition, JoAnne Catran is working with Todd to start a new Interact Club at Cleveland High School. Stand by for details, and for ways to be involved in working with more great high schoolers.


The opinions expressed by guest speakers, or in advertisements that appear on external websites linked to this program, are those of the speaker(s) / websites / advertisers and not necessarily of the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley or its members. No endorsement is implied. Programs are presented for informational purposes only.


18 responses to 11 January 2016 — School is Back, Let’s Interact

  1. Great information. Thanks, Todd

  2. Good reminder of what Interact is all about and what Interactors can do as a service club, and looking forward to getting to connect with our DPMHS Club more…plus Cleveland when it starts up.

  3. Thank You very much Todd. I was interested in the note about gender?

    • The single-gender Interact clubs are, to my understanding, mostly outside of the United States, particularly in Asia. The exception to this is where Interact clubs have been established at single-gender schools.

  4. The Interact videos were inspiring. Thank you.

  5. Great videos by the Interactors. I smiled and cried. Thank you for putting this information.

    By the way, the district Interact Facebook page is not open to public and forces you to log in. People with no Facebook account will not able to view. Nothing we can do, but I just thought to share the info.

    • Yes, I am aware that it is a closed group. However I am one of the administrators of the district’s Interact Facebook Page, and can (and will) approve membership for any of our club’s members.

  6. Great info on Interact and great videos.

  7. Thanks Todd! Nothing more important than our youth. Once I get my eyes fixed want to be much more involved with Cleveland, etc.

  8. My stepdaughter became involved with Interact after participating in several of our Rotary Club’s projects. As a Girl Scout who is rooted in service, it was a natural step for her to join. I look forward to not only learning more about the service projects that she is involved in, but also in how the Interactors are leading meetings and carrying out projects. The experience is more meaningful when projects are student-developed and led, and we should be proud that we are offering opportunities and support to local high school students who will be our future leaders.

  9. How wonderful to see our future leaders in action.

  10. Great information, I showed my daughter a couple of the videos.

  11. I am pleased to have been able to share a little information about Interact and, more specifically, our Interact Club at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School in Van Nuys. Although our Rotary Club only formally took over sponsorship of the club this year, we have had an informal connection to the club ever since its founding.

    The Interact Club meets regularly during lunch on the first and third Wednesdays of the month (mid-August through the first week of June), and warmly welcomes visiting Rotarians. Come stop by and meet our remarkable young partners in Service.

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