11 February 2013 — Planning For The Future, Near and Far


E-Waste collected…President-Elect Sara Pre-PETSed (that’s not really a verb)…Fourth Annual “Dance For The Children” date set (stand by for the big announcement)…great Fireplace Room Meetings coming up…you don’t want to miss any of this, and you surely want to share it with good people around you and give them the chance to be part of the fun and service!










Every organization needs a plan. A strategic plan gets us from where we are to where we want to be, and recognizes that time moves only forward and we’d better keep up!

Here’s Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko with a message recorded for the 2013-2014 Rotary Club Presidents around the world (this is available in multiple languages)…so it’s designed for Sara, but we can best help her help us change the world if we’re all in it together.

Message to Presidents-elect from John Hewko, Rotary International General Secretary (EN) from Rotary International on Vimeo.

Also, here are some interesting excerpts from talks given to the District Governors-Elect at the International Assembly last month. Some food for thought…and strategic planning.

From Rotary International President-Elect Ron Burton:

“The most important thing we can do for the future of Rotary is make sure that Rotarians are engaged and that each one of us is doing the most we can. If we really want to take Rotary service forward, then we must make sure that every single Rotarian has the same feeling about Rotary that each one of us here has today. We need to make sure that every Rotarian has a meaningful role to play, that they’re all making a contribution, and that their contributions are valued.”

What is YOUR role in our Rotary Club; what grabs YOU about Rotary; what would give YOU the most meaning?

From Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko; you watched him, now you can read him:

“Every Rotarian, and every Rotary leader, is a link in a chain. Our success can’t ever be measured by our own strength. It will be measured by how well we link what was done before us to what can be done after us….At RI, we recognize that continuity in our strategic priorities ultimately leads to more effective service. And we recognize that applying this thinking not only to how we run our organization but how we serve our communities results in more effective service as well….When we talk about sustainability in Rotary, we’re not just talking about making sure our service lasts: We want to make sure that Rotary lasts. And that means making sure that our clubs are sustainable — that they’re going to keep going strong long after we ourselves have left them.”

What can we do today, this year, next year, to ensure a vibrant Club still changing lives twenty years from now?

From Past Rotary International President WIlliam R. Boyd, on the branding of Rotary:

“What we are looking for, and what we need, are clarity of purpose, a new filter for decision making, a motivator for current members and staff, and more efficient communications. For non-Rotarians, we are looking to provide recognition of what we do; differentiation from our peers; the recruitment of members, donors, and volunteers; engagement with our communities; and appeal to strategic partners.”

What can we do to raise our profile, with clarity of purpose so our community knows what we do and wants to help, as a Club and as individuals?

From Immediate Past Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee:

“[W]hen someone asks what Rotary is, and we are somewhat uncertain about our answer,I believe we need to tell them simply about those things that have kept Rotary strong even after more than 100 years: service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and an obvious corollary, leadership.”

What can we do to sustain and promote those values to strengthen and grow our Club?

Finally, from Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka:

“There are so many ways to build Peace Through Service. This year, I have seen how Rotary service brings us all closer together. It allows us to reach out to those in need and to work together for common goals. It allows us to help meet the great needs of people we may never meet. And it gives each of us the happiness that comes from helping someone when they need it most.”

Who do you know who deserves the opportunity to feel that happiness?  Give that person the opportunity.



3 responses to 11 February 2013 — Planning For The Future, Near and Far

  1. We all need to come together to engage in our community and international service activities. Our involvement brings good at home and around the world. We must find ways to sustain all the benefits and goodwill we spread. Let’s start with our own club’s projects, get familiar with our purpose and goal, and go to it! Remember that there is “unity” in “community.” Each of us has something special and unique to offer. Together we can make a difference. I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future, near and far!

  2. It is often said that the future is now. Every decision we make now impacts what our lives, our goals, and our world will become. Our club’s impact starts with good planning and teamwork.

  3. Raising our profile and letting the community know what we do is very important. Mr. Boyd’s comments on branding were very helpful. Raising our profile in the community is a big step toward attracting additional members.

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