10 February 2014 — Hunger in America









On Sunday, 9 February, 2014, our Rotary Club, with the assistance of three fantastic Interactors and their Faculty Advisor from the Interact Club at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, hosted our fifth “One More Item” public food drive at Gelson’s Sherman Oaks.  We continue to be grateful to the great folks at Gelson’s for allowing us to set up outside of their doors, and we are very grateful to the generous shoppers who add just one extra item (or often more) to their shopping carts and drop it off with us on the way out.

With five full barrels again, we gathered 1,129 pounds of non-perishable food, along with voluntary donations of $77 and gift cards in the total amount of $115, for Valley Food Bank.

We are pleased to report that the Rotary Club of Universal City Sunrise (with the assistance of RC North Hollywood), at Gelson’s in Valley Village, and the Rotary Club of Granada Hills, at Whole Foods in Northridge, also conducted successful food drives on 9 February based on the model we created nineteen months ago.  Working together, diverse Rotary Clubs can continue to chip way at community problems with creative and meaningful solutions.

Why do we do this?  Because hunger, unconscionably, remains a problem in our society.  This week’s program offers you just one link to check out, with information and some video from a fairly-recent MSNBC report on Hunger in America.  Take a look and listen, and consider what else we might do–even if it is just spreading the word nationwide about our Club’s idea–to alleviate hunger in our own back yard.

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(While MSNBC does tend to have a political angle, we remind you that Rotary Clubs are non-political and ask that you look past the one or two editorial-type asides and focus on the substance of the crisis, and on those helping, presented here.)


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6 responses to 10 February 2014 — Hunger in America

  1. Fascinating. I am so happy to have joined Greater San Fernando Valley e club with there Food Drive yesterday at Gelsons, Sherman Oaks. I look forward to become more involved.

  2. After viewing the video clip, it’s clear that although Hunger in America continues to grow, our Food collection efforts do make a difference.

  3. It was great fun once again, now can we try for 6 barrels at the next one?

  4. Sorry I wasn’t able to join you but glad it went well.

  5. I read your program and watched the accompanying videos for a make-up and found this topic inspirational. Through my Rotary Club, I run a program that works with the San Francisco/ Marin Food Bank to offer free art projects, reading with a Rotarian, and books to take home for the kids who accompany parents to our local food pantry. Our project has been a success, but I am inspired now to enhance our efforts with some direct volunteering with the food bank. Thanks to your influence, I checked the website for the SF/ Marin Food Bank and see that I can even bring my kids to volunteer. Thanks for the reminder that there are always more ways to help!

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