1 October 2012 — Time To IGNITE The Fire


Please enjoy our OCTOBER 2012 NEWSLETTER!

No frills. Nothing fancy. We have some great people in our Rotary Club. We need more great people, and we need them immediately.

We need them because when we see how many lives we have already touched, we can imagine how many more lives we could touch with twice as many great Rotarians on the team.

We need them because twenty-five to thirty committed people can carry a heavy weight (changing the world!) more easily than can fourteen…or twenty…or even twenty-four.

And we need them because it’s in the rules: twenty-five to be recognized by Rotary International as the newest Rotary Club in the world.

The Drive for Twenty-Five, when we Barter for a Charter…is in progress!












Rotary International Director Ken Boyd, who has had a focus on membership development throughout his career as a Rotary leader, has created the IGNITE Membership Program.  This program is a menu of great ideas for Clubs to use in growing and sustaining a strong, vibrant team of Rotarians to work together to solve problems in our local community and around the world.  The ideas presented here have been proven successful here and in other parts of the world, and Rotary Zones 25 and 26 (from souther British Columbia to Arizona, and also Hawaii) are offering these ideas to the Clubs.

The following presentation was given to the Rotary Club of Inglewood on 11 September 2012.  These ideas, and others which our E-Club will discuss together, can be mixed and matched–and when implemented, with the commitment of every member of our team, will lead us to our Charter.

If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.


13 responses to 1 October 2012 — Time To IGNITE The Fire

  1. Great program I have not heard about this and will be passing it on to my club and district

  2. Let’s get folks on board at hit 25 members for Charter !!!

  3. I agree that creating fun, welcoming events and meetings is really the way to ignite and sustain membership.

  4. Clink clink – those are glasses toasting a good friend and Rotarian Sondra Frolich. She was a special member with real skills. We need to
    find someone who could fill her shoes in our club. I don’t know someone of that mindset or experience level but we need a Sondra. Mel, Nancy you guys hang with dynamics. Do you know someone who can fill that spot. Mel’s presentation was spot on and made a good point. We need to seek out specific personalities who will build a fantastic organization. At this point I had a bunch of cute off the cuff retorts but I think I’ll save them for another day. A quick question and a thought to be shared though to keep it real. Q1 Would honorary members contribute to our 25 counts?
    I also would like to paraphrase David Ogilvy.
    If each of us recruit people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us recruits people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a club of giants.
    Ideas for members: Chiropractor, Insurance Agent, Veterinarian, Doctor, Pharmacist, Banker, CPA, Financial Advisor, Stock Broker, Farmer, School Principal, City Manager, Edison, DWP Hr Manager, Postmaster, School Superintendent, Police Office, School Board Member, Chamber of commerce Manager, grocer, butcher, hardware store manager, RE Agent, Pastor, Rabbi, Etc.
    These are all people we interact with.

    By the way, the camera took 10 years off and 10 pounds too. Can I borrow it?

    • Nope, Honorary Members do *not* count towards a Club’s official membership. On all other points…spot on. Sondra sponsored me into Rotary and gave me the opportunity to help change the world.

  5. Great program, Mel! I think we can all work together and get to 25 very soon!

  6. Sondra spoke to many people about Rotary, but she was also selective in a very good and positive way. She knew who would benefit from it and also will be good for the club. I don’t think anyone can fill her shoe, but we can still bring one more person to the club who will one day become someone like her.

    PS. Videographer’s foonote: Mel’s face is blurry on the video because the camera kept wanting to focus on one of the Rotary wheels from the banners in the background – I suppose it thinks the Rotary wheel looks more “human” than Mel, which can be a compliment to him.

    Great stuff!

  7. Another fabulous newsletter by Patty! I get very energized after reading it. I love how it contains articles suited for Club members, other Rotarians, and non-Rotarians. The Idaho report by the Glickmans was wonderful – I now know you guys REALLY go there!!

  8. Judy and I enjoyed the video. Excellent presentation and lots of good, constructive ideas for getting and retaining members. The bottom line is that membership needs to be an integral part of everything we do, not just an occasional event.

  9. Very motivating video! Let’s unite and ignite! It’s time to increase our membership, and have more fun!!!!

  10. Great video with lots of ideas we can implement right away to increase the membership. I really enjoyed it!

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