1 February 2016 — Serving for Peace


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Instrumental in founding the United Nations, continuing for decades with hundreds of thousands of Rotarians who work together without regard to nationality or race or religion to make the world a better place, Rotarians and their Rotary Clubs have long worked for peace.

Rotary International now designates February as “Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month.”

Sakuji Tanaka, Rotary International’s 2012-2013 President, chose “Peace Through Service” as his theme. No Rotarian in recent memory has devoted more effort to guiding Rotary Clubs along the path of believing that Rotarians and Clubs can, and therefore should, focus some efforts on peace building, in communities and in the world.

In this talk at an event in Tennessee in 2013, Tanaka-san presents the history of his desire to be part of building peace and makes the case for why we should find our on ways to be part of the solutions.

[Editor’s note: the quality of the recording makes, on occasion, Takana-san’s accented English a bit unclear. In his defense, good luck understanding the Tennessee-based District Governor’s accented English.]

If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.

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12 responses to 1 February 2016 — Serving for Peace

  1. Thank you for this presentation.

  2. No one understands the suffering that generation withstood from WWII, better than one of their own. It’s good that he found Rotary to make his dreams of peace come true.

  3. Thought-provoking and informative.

  4. Sakuji mentions that we are “this close to the end, but this close is not close enough” in terms of Polio eradication. Our club is working to raise awareness about Polio education. Our efforts have the potential to not only educate more individuals about Polio, but to bring us to what Sakuji states is a world “forever changed for the better.” We are part of that change.

  5. I agree with Linda W.

    Just like Pres. Tanaka, my parents experienced WWII and the surrender in and near Tokyo. They never spoke of it to their children, but we could still pick up from time to time harsh memories and rough time they were forced to have in their youth.

    It makes sense why Pres. Tanaka chose “Peace through Service” for his theme. Only those who experienced the violent time can preach the importance of peace, and Rotary is the best tool to send the message of peace to the world.

    I hope he continues with his efforts through Rotary and that we are able to learn from it and do more about it to continue enjoying the peace that we have and much more.

  6. Thank you. Attended.

  7. Great presentation. I hope and pray that in the years to come that education is considered a key to peace. I was in tears several years when visiting a Hiroshima memorial in Tokyo. It hit me how so many times history is taught from one perspective. At the memorial I realized how dangerous this can be. I had not idea how many Japanese were effected and for years and years afterwards. Thank RI president Tanaka for reminding us real peace starts with our understanding of the consequences of hatred .

  8. Peace through service. Peace through friendship. Peace through awareness of interdependence. Peace through commitment to make the world a better place. Important, yet simple concepts to remember.

  9. Fantastic presentation by President Tanaka. Thank you.

  10. The connection between service and peace is not always obvious. The presentation was a great reminder of the impact that service projects can have.

  11. Beautiful speech! I’m always fascinated how much events in our lives impact who we become as people, and the path of life we decide to take.

    I’ve always wondered if the majority of ones family was killed by war, who would choose vengeance and who would choose peace?

    When we can agree as one world that war is 100% off the table and we will only make peaceful resolutions then we can achieve peace. Until then, the question above will continue to perpetuate the violence…

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